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Microsoft has opened the. NET Framework 4.5.1 Source code

The. NET Reference Source publishes a beta release that allows you to browse the source code for the. NET Framework 4.5.1 online, and you can debug the. NET Framework in Visual Studio 2013 by configuring. The project manager of the Framework team, Alok Shriram, wrote about the latest. NET Reference Source in the. NET Framework blog. Not only can it be used to make bangs.

The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014

The preview version of the Orleans Framework was published in April 2014, and the project is based on. NET, the goal of the design is to facilitate developers to develop a large scale of cloud services. Considering the Microsoft Multiplayer video game This project is very meaningful because the player on top of the game needs to know the online status of his friends and need to get the game data between the countless servers in seconds. The Orleans project is generally considered to be a distributed version of the actor model of parallel computing models. Although there are already erl ...

You have to know that Microsoft open source those things

Now the open source sky is no longer the banner of only Red Hat, whether it is chase behind the front or intercept, open source trend as if deep into the bottom of the industry, it is no wonder that open source almost covered up our horizons . Below, we have sorted out some important events on Microsoft's path to open source and open source, from which we also see that Microsoft can not escape the trend of open source and open. First, in the past, to participate in the contribution of the Linux kernel, the establishment of an open technology subsidiary first to planing the past, Microsoft continued to show muscle in the field of open source in recent years. At 201

An unprecedented new challenge: Microsoft can continue to hold the position?

Now it may be unbelievable to go back and say, but in those days, as early as October 2008 when Microsoft first launched Windows Azure Services, it was indeed speculated: Microsoft will not fight with Netscape before fighting Internet Explorer Like siege plunder, with Windows Azure again in one fell swoop into the cloud computing. What Microsoft used after all means? What exactly Windows services or features can make people completely immune to Azure ...

Developer Gospel, Microsoft open source Kinect source code

Developer Gospel, Microsoft open source Kinect source code published 18 hours ago | Times Read | SOURCE csdn| 0 Reviews | The author Wangfangqing Microsoft's Kinect Open Source summary: Microsoft has opened some of the Kinect's source code from open source, including code for facial tracking, bone viewer and continuous gestures, written by C #, C + +, and VB. Microsoft has provided this code to developers through the Apache 2.0 Open source protocol, and developers can reuse the current Kinect code and help Microsoft improve it. Kinect ...

Ballmer's mobile Internet pain: Starting with the WM system

Microsoft saw the prospect of mobile internet early, but did not seize the opportunity to finally wait for Ballmer to leave the field, someone applauded, someone anxious. August 23, Microsoft announced that the company's CEO Ballmer will retire in a year. "Microsoft is a good company and I love this company." "said Ballmer. As for his future with Microsoft, he said: Will cherish the shares of Microsoft, and look forward to continuing to maintain one of the major shareholders in Microsoft's identity. Ballmer witnessed the rise of Microsoft. When he joined Microsoft, Microsoft's annual revenue of only 7.5 million U.S. dollars, more than 30 employees. To his departure, Microsoft revenue has reached 780 ...

Vista user Account Control functionality issues Microsoft acknowledges and will optimize

Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. According to Microsoft, Windows Vista contains hundreds of new features, notably the new version of the graphical user interface and the new interface style called "Windows Aero", the Enhanced Search feature (Windows indexing Service), New multimedia authoring tools (such as Windows DVD Maker), and redesigned web ...

Microsoft Win Vista's worst five features

Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. Microsoft initially officially announced the name on July 22, 2005, before operating system development code Longhorn. The internal version of Windows Vista is 6.0 (that is, Windows NT 6.0) and the official build is 6.0.6000. On November 8, 2006, Windows Vista was developed and officially entered mass production. The next two months only to the MSDN users, computer hardware and software manufacturing ...

Microsoft to release August security bulletin in Eastern time August 9

Absrtact: Microsoft will release the August security Bulletin in August 9 (Patch Tuesday), which includes 13 security patches to patch 22 vulnerabilities in software such as IE, Windows, Visio, and Visual Studio. Of the 13 security patches, there are 2 critical levels of security Microsoft will release the August security bulletin in the eastern time of August 9 (Patch Tuesday), which includes 13 security patches to patch 22 safety leaks in software such as IE, Windows, Visio, and Visual Studio ...

Microsoft CodePlex Platform Open Source project TOP10

CodePlex is a Microsoft-created open source Web site where all of the programs released in this site can be downloaded from the source code, which has now become a peripheral component of Microsoft software or an extended distribution pipeline. September 10, 2009, the CodePlex Open Source Foundation (CodePlex Foundation), which uses the forum format, allows the open source community and the software development community to work together to promote the common goal of participating in the open source community project. Outside the existing open source organization ...

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