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Designed for touchscreen phones: "Hot zone/Dead angle" and "control size" for thumb operation

Part 1 Research background 1.1 The background and challenge of interface design of touchscreen mobile phone 1: The development time is short, the research at home and abroad is still in the exploratory stage, full of unknown and uncertain. Touch screen technology was first applied to the mobile phone to date back to 1999 (Motorola A6188), although it has been 12 years, but the real finger-operated touch screen interface design revolutionized the January 9, 07 release of the Iphone1 Generation and his multi-touch technology. Today, but 4 years time, with the Apple design team for the pioneer of domestic and foreign related research ...

Beijing also Zhuang Development Zone Zhang BOXU: China Cloud in also Zhuang

Beijing also Zhuang Development Zone Management committee director Zhang Boxu Zhang Boxu: Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, media friends, today is a special day. Just now, the general said, December 12, 2012, I think this century, the number of 6 even today, there is no, because there is no 13th month. Today is the cloud world, outside a lot of clouds, the sky is full of clouds, I want to drift is the cloud, the ground is also a cloud, because each snowflake is a cloud molecule. We have more indoor clouds, we are all cloud elite. Very happy in today's special day, with you cloud industry elite again ...

To create a new growth zone to enter the national "Twelve-Five" plan

Every reporter Iroha from Chengdu Cheng-yu Economic zone "six bases"-equipment manufacturing base-high-tech industry base-defense research industry base-advantage resources processing base-the advantage of agricultural processing base-modern service base in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a scholar Zs Bao "West Shu topographic map," the story, circulated to date  Today, a collection of many elite wisdom, with great boldness of the economic version of the "West Shu topographic map"-Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, is slowly unfolding scroll.  The day of the painting is the engine of the western Chinese economy. ...

Chengdu High-tech zone launched the first domestic mobile internet industry special policy

Chengdu High-tech zone launched the special policy of mobile internet industry Sichuan News Network Chengdu September 24 (reporter Shangliang) reporter September 24 from the Chengdu High-tech zone learned that the recent adoption of the "Chengdu High-tech zone to speed up the development of mobile internet industry" will be implemented from the date of the release, valid for five years.   It is also reported that this is the first in China by the regional government issued to the development of mobile Internet industry policy. In accordance with the new policy, all the benefits and bonuses superimposed after the theory of a business can be up to 50 million to 100 million yuan of support funds. "The implementation of the policy, ...

China Telecom 1 billion push forward the development of mobile internet industry in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone

Guests visit China Telecom room. Anyuan China Telecom and Chengdu High-tech zone signing ceremony site. Anyuan photo Xinhua Beijing, October 17 (reporter Anyuan) 17th, Chengdu Hi-tech zone and China Telecom Chengdu Branch signed Mobile http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/5738.html "> Internet Industry Strategic Cooperation Agreement, The two sides will cooperate on many issues such as integrating the communication area, speeding up the construction of communication facilities and the tariff concessions for enterprises in the region.

China's first mobile Internet special policy introduced in high-tech zone

This June, our city for the first time in the mobile Internet industry to start the medium and long term promotion plan "Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone management Committee on speeding up the development of mobile Internet industry," established the target of five years: to 2017, the cultivation of thousands of enterprises, gathered more than 100,000 talents, to create 200 billion industrial clusters   The high-tech zone will be built into the leading area of China's mobile internet industry innovation, high-end talent gathering area and application service demonstration area. Chengdu will build a world-class IT industry base, how to achieve this goal? Yesterday, the Chengdu High-tech Zone held a press conference, the official release of the country that has been brewing for several months ...

Poly Jin 60% animation game Enterprise High-tech zone animation aircraft carrier quietly set sail

Tianjin Municipal Party committee deputy secretary Lifeng inspected Ren Yong Film and television Animation Production Co., Ltd. China Network, Binhai High-tech new coastal High-tech Zone animation Enterprises, following the God-bound comics "four classics" renowned at home and abroad, the edge into film and television by the domestic first 3D animation film "Qitenda Holy prequel" Heat, 3D anime The National Film Bureau has been licensed to film, the entire film is expected to be released in 2011. Binhai High-tech zone animation "aircraft carrier" is quietly set sail. Tianjin Binhai High-tech zone, the Holy Circle of the four famous series of the book "Journey to the World" industry masterpiece ...

Sichuan Province releases Tianfu new zone construction progress billion cloud computing project has been settled

On the afternoon of March 8, the Sichuan Provincial People's government held a meeting on the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone in Sichuan province and the planning and construction of Tianfu new area, according to the introduction, at present, the total investment of more than 200 billion yuan of 84 major projects concentrated in the start of the beginning of February this year, The total investment of about 10 billion yuan China Telecom West Cloud computing base project contracted to settle in Chengdu. Last April and this February, the State Council successively approved the regional planning of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and the Twelve-Five Plan of West Development, and the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone has become the important part of the country's deep implementation of the Western development strategy.

The spatial layout of mobile Internet forms the main battlefield of high-tech zone

Our correspondent Go Qingping reported that Xi ' an high-tech zone relies on XI ' an Software service Outsourcing Institute to set up a mobile phone platform for software development, content production and other related training courses; Xi ' an high-tech zone public testing Service platform covers Symbian, Android, iOS and other smart phone platform technology support and testing. So far, Xi ' an high-tech zone has formed a mobile internet complete technology industry chain.  "Xi ' an hi-tech zone Management Committee deputy Director Chen Hongtao on the park on the mobile internet layout is full of confidence." With the rapid rise of the mobile internet industry, to create a complete mobile internet industry ...

A development zone in Manaus has spawned the "Brazilian Economic miracle"

Visit Brazil, the reporter has a intuitive feeling: here vast and abundant, worthy of the title. The vast territory, but also to Brazil has brought many countries in the construction and development of the problems encountered, that is, regional development imbalance. Construction of free trade zone, relocation of capital, new city, industrialization and urbanization interaction ...   Since the 50 's, Brazil has implemented a series of strategic measures for regional development, and the effectiveness of eradicating poverty and promoting regional common development has been recognized by the international community. At a higher level, it is an important task for Jiangsu modernization to coordinate the development of urban and rural areas and improve the coordination of development.

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