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Spring Festival "Horse" on the preparation of new network domain name for the big promotion

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall the Spring Festival approaching, the domestic new Year market gradually heats up, the consumer market sale situation smoothly to the Spring Festival on the eve. China's top-ranked domain name registrars new network recently launched a theme for the "New Network for Spring Festival, the big delivery" domain name activities.   The price of big names went straight to the floor, activity type rich, for the general membership presented a rich "spring New Year ceremony." Wukong, for the division told you how many times, do not throw renminbi, if you hit a good domain name, you said to buy it, or buy it?

The subsidy war makes a platform seem booming, but after the subsidy war?

The delivery platform ushered in a new round of "Hyun Fu" moment.   Now, the cash to find the "cow" of the delivery platform is still burning money, but the focus of burning money in addition to "powder", but also extended to mobile payment. Domain Name City (domain.cn) January 20 News, "The original meal is 20 yuan, because there are preferential activities to reduce the 10 yuan, and then with micro-letter online payment, and then reduce the 8 yuan, finally equal to spend 2 dollars." "The student who went to school near Wuyang village, Xiao Li, said with great interest the recent meal booking experience in the take-away platform." This crazy subsidy is starving, beauty ...

Soft wen "viral" marketing makes it easier to promote

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall soft Wen has been a daily required by every webmaster, stationmaster people every day and soft wen deal with, update articles to soft Wen , to contribute to the soft text and so on, in short, soft wen in the webmaster's life is very important. The use of soft text to optimize the site I will not say more, next I will talk about how to use soft text to "viral" network marketing ...

You're playing Weibo, Twitter is playing with you.

Absrtact: You are playing Weibo, microblogging is playing you. Who is behind the grassroots microblogging of millions of fans? Who is dividing up the famous Weibo accounts? How to make quick money on Weibo? "Entrepreneur" exclusive decryption micro-blogging business and micro-blog power relations spectrum. You are playing micro-blogging, microblogging is playing you. Who is behind the grassroots microblogging of millions of fans? Who is dividing up the famous Weibo accounts? How to make quick money on Weibo? "Entrepreneur" exclusive decryption micro-blogging business and micro-blog power relations spectrum. You are playing Weibo, Twitter is playing with you. Micro Bo Decorate your life, you pretend ...

Dunhuang Network CEO Wang talk about entrepreneurship sharing happiness is more important than success

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Moderator: The 70th issue of micro-blogging training camp is now starting. Thank you for joining us this weekend. Today we are invited to the guest is the Dunhuang Network CEO and founder of Ms. Wang. Wang established a network of excellence in 1999 and served as CEO from 99 to 2002. Previously, Wang also in Microsoft, Cisco and other foreign companies as senior executive positions. Wang also founded the Dunhuang net in 04. So Wang will share her entrepreneurial story with us today. She in the foreign company also when excessive tube, also can ...

The history of the Penguin Empire

Born in 15, QQ global users nearly 800 million, and the advent of only two years of micro-letter, but has been in the world to recruit more than 300 million users.   Tencent, a ferocious penguin, has not only tried to challenge operators and subvert old rules with micro-letters, but has gained more power of discourse and industry control in the Internet and mobile Internet. No "micro" of the micro-letter behind, standing is a penguin: At the beginning of 2004, the market value of only billions of U.S. dollars, so far more than hundreds of billions of dollars in global internet companies, after Google and Amazon, and its peers Baidu, the market value of only 1/2;

Zhang's original edition of "Enterprise Network Promotion Plan" (D)

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Seven, how to equip the company website through the above analysis we know, a corporate website to do good promotion effect, it is necessary enough to buy some "equipment." 1, the domain name we see above the "Shanghai Research Run Light Machine" a website has more than 10 20 domain names. The effect of multiple domain names can be a different domain name to be included in the search engine.   So search engines don't think you're cheating.   We can bind the enterprise website by purchasing multiple domain names to achieve the effect. 2.

11 travel work two not mistaken iOS office software recommended

Pocketcloud Remote Desktop preface: National Day holiday is coming soon, go out, want to deal with file how to do? Many friends do not have to go out and do business work. In this way, we need more powerful and efficient remote office software. No matter when and where, can be happy to play office. Next, small series to recommend several efficient Office applications, there are fees and free Oh! Need a friend to understand the next. Software name: "Pocketcloud Remote Desktop" Price: 30 Yuan Update: June 2012 ...

The pain of the growth of the "Good Boy" website

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall at the end of 2006, Xu Letian resigned from the position of multinational executives, starting their own business. Xu Letian's son was just born soon, which made him interested in mother and child products. After a variety of research, Xu Letian and their own senior management team will be targeted at the mother and child products this market. In their view, with the advent of the baby boom, it will be a fertile virgin land.   Early 2007, good Baby website online. The years of entrepreneurship are hard and sweet. A few years down, good baby really very "well-behaved", the number of customers ...

Clearly a well-meaning reminder of the traditional industry

This is obviously a well-meaning reminder of the traditional industry, for senior practitioners of the Internet sector, this passage is very easy to understand, very normal, daily changes in the Internet, so that everyone is full of sense of crisis. Perhaps the sense of crisis is not strong or makes business bosses feel a bit more ridiculous than traditional industries, especially commercial real estate. Yes, sitting in the high returns of land and commercial development, poor internet revenues are insignificant in the vast capital stream of real estate. So Nokia was bought by an internet company called Microsoft, and Motorola's is called Google Interconnection ...

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