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The interpretation of humorous language 2014 major events in the IT field

Every week, the upbeat Phil Johnson helps to deliver important news and headlines in the tech world in a relaxed and enjoyable way.   --Boss, to be on the safe side, the IT department elves suggest you update your antivirus software and move Kim Jong-un from the "Bad Boy" list to the "Good Boy" list. December 24--Santa Claus has learned from Sony for years, it has been thought that the most wanted gift for the North Korean leader during Christmas is a sock coal. However, in the ...

Overview of common mainstream blog programs in China

The word "blog" is translated from the English word blog. Blog is the abbreviation of weblog, and weblog is a combination of web and log two English words. Weblog is to publish and read on the network of Water records, often referred to as "blog", referred to as "blog." The blog (blogger) concept is interpreted as a network publishing (Web Publishing), publish and post (post–turing when noun refers to post) article, is a rapid growth of the network activity, now even appeared a ...

PHP operation MySQL 3rd pass the first day

This paper introduces how to build a network database application method by MySQL of the golden combination of Web database, PHP is a server-side embedded hypertext Processing language similar to Microsoft ASP, it is a powerful tool to build dynamic website. While MySQL is a lightweight SQL database server that runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows NT and Linux, and has a GPL version, MySQL is considered the best product for building a database-driven dynamic Web site. PHP, MySQL, and Apache are Linux ...

The innovation of the domestic operating system and the breakthrough mode is the key

Domestic operating system is our industry has been chasing the dream. However, the past facts have proved that the support of national policies and government procurement alone, although the domestic operating system has a certain role in helping, but to fundamentally change the domestic operating system, large and not the non-market status quo, innovation and development model is the key to change. sailed lost in innovation and market looking back to the development of domestic operating system, it started in 1999. At that time, the international Linux craze swept China, soft, red and other enterprises in the division into Linux operating system research and development, and launched ...

Wave group Zhang: autonomous controllable, cloud-raising future

Wave as a machine manufacturers also have to do the idea of chip, I am here to talk to you about our machine business, server and storage. Over the past two years we have launched a wave of clouds of strategy, mainly to promote the development of cloud computing throughout the country. In this process, we have a relationship with the domestic chip manufacturers. We hope that through the development of cloud computing to drive the chip industry progress.   Today, I would like to highlight our strategy on cloud computing and the related situation of the products of cloud computing to domestic processors and domestic chips. Cloud Computing Foundation and background, we have heard many times, ...

Recommended! The machine learning resources compiled by foreign programmers

C + + computer vision ccv-based on C language/provides cache/core machine Vision Library, novel Machine Vision Library opencv-It provides C + +, C, Python, Java and MATLAB interfaces, and supports Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS operating system. General machine learning Mlpack dlib Ecogg Shark Closure Universal machine learning Closure Toolbox-cloj ...

The growth history of Mac OS

Mac OS is the operating system that runs on Apple's Macintosh family of computers, and has been used by the industry to compare with Microsoft's Windows. Mac OS is the first commercially successful graphical user interface, when Mac OS launched a graphical interface, Microsoft remained in the DOS era, Windows is still in swaddling.   As Mac OS X Lion is about to launch, let's review the Mac OS's "Past and Present life". Mac OS can be divided into two of the operating system ...

College students ' business plan

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the rapid development of the information industry with Internet as the leading, a profound change is taking place in every field of society. Experts predict that within a few years, China will become the world's largest Internet users.  For the failure to keep up with the pace of the domestic campus network status quo, different "' net '" card ' one "mode of operation, perhaps another solution can be used for reference. A few passionate and intelligent young people on this "campus Easy Network" and "Campus Easy card ..."

Please note the following 10 things before using Office 365

The current market has a lot of hype about Microsoft Office 365, and vendors, customers or businesses have different views. Office 365 is a Microsoft Cloud version of Office that allows users to create an account via the Internet, payment, download application installation, and then use the CD without using the process.  If enterprise users think that using Office 365 is the right step for the company, then there are 10 things managers need to follow. 1. What is Cloud? Cloud ...

The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (v): Site exchange links also beware of counterfeit

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website completes, the maintenance and the management becomes the work which needs to carry on continuously.   In this chapter, the site will be optimized for internal links, efficient maintenance, PR upgrade way to introduce.   First, optimize the internal links of the site two, the site efficient maintenance of three common sense three, improve the site PageRank have a wonderful recruit the above details can go to "Internet entrepreneurship Success (five): the management and maintenance of the website" read. Four, site exchange links also beware of counterfeit ...

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