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Entrepreneurial tracking: 2 of projects coming out of innovation workshops

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby Internet competition in various areas of the Red Sea makes many enterprises start to seek new development path, or expand user groups or seek new ways of cooperation.   The three star projects of the Innovation Factory know that pea-pod phone elves and application sinks are also facing the challenge of breaking through their own bottlenecks and finding new development models, and that their experiences and problems are worth the lesson of all startups. Know: The quality of questions and answers has led to a loss of user knowledge of 201 ...

Jinshan New CEO Zhanghongjiang: I regret coming out late

Absrtact: Broadcast to Tencent Micro Bo Jinshan Software CEO Zhanghongjiang (micro Bo) time hurried like a fleeting. October 24, 2011, when Microsoft Asia Research and Development Group CTO and Microsoft Asia Engineering Academy Dean of Zhanghongjiang Airborne Jinshan software, to return to zero posture with Jinshan set foot on a Jinshan software CEO Zhanghongjiang (micro Bo) time hurried as fleeting. October 24, 2011, when Microsoft Asia Research and Development Group CTO and Microsoft Asia Engineering Academy Dean of Zhanghongjiang Airborne Jinshan software, to "zero" posture with Jinshan set foot ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation 198th: death is coming.

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] popular anime "Bleach" iOS game at the end of the month to the Japanese animation death "Bleach" will be launched on August 31, the iOS version of the game news has long been bubbling up. This game is operated by Gree Company, the game type is officially defined as RPG, but the game will use the card game mode, and will try to restore the original world view. Game Name "bleach&

The era of mobile games is coming

The most important thing when an industry is in an explosion is to learn how to exercise restraint in the fun. When the mobile game industry is an easy-to-make industry for people, this means the end of brutal growth. What impressed me the most in the mobile gaming company's excellent conference rooms was the lack of chairs and tables, which led to everyone in the conference room having no choice but to stand still; the conference room was clear Principle "must have a conclusion, the person in charge of implementation, must determine the implementation of the completion time." I do not know whether this company's operation looks so efficient, but one ...

Entrepreneurship tracking: A project coming out of the innovation workshop

DONEWS11 Month 23rd News Innovation Workshop Since its inception, has been the focus of media attention in the industry, in the leadership of Kai-Fu Lee all the way. From the incubator to the run-up to the initial investment, the Innovation Factory invested 50 start-up projects in 3 years, assisted the entrepreneur to apply for 53 patents and currently employs 45 people. Some of the projects that come out of innovation workshops have undergone a transformation, some are facing difficulties, and others have been successfully sold. And the reasons behind their hardships, difficulties and successes are worth the lesson of all startups. Dim Sum: Weak market competitiveness leads to three ...

Why HTML5 's final version will subvert the native app world

The 2007 World Wide Web Consortium Project HTML5, until the end of October 2014, the eight-year specification finally formally sealed. Over the past few years, HTML5 has subverted the pattern of PC Internet and optimized the experience of mobile Internet, and then HTML5 will subvert the native app world. This may sound alarmist, but if you take a serious look at the history of HTML5, you will find that this is the world's trend indeed. Know history to predict the future, first let us see why the birth of HTML5, these 8 years is how to come. One...

New member of Nexus family! Nexus 6 Mobile and Nexus 9 flat panel release

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Google officially released the 8.9-inch HTC-produced 9 Tablet PC, the Nexus 6 of the 6-inch display produced by Motorola Mobile, in Wednesday Smartphone, and the first streaming media player based on the Android TV operating system Nexus player ... With the previous release ...

Heroes of the past, those who "hang out" the former king

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, Kodak, Best Buy ... these thunderclap of former industry giants have now fallen in the fierce market competition, they have been bought or filed for bankruptcy, or other, what is the reason for them from the past glory to the decline of today? BlackBerry Phone Company background: The BlackBerry is a Canadian portable unlimited communications equipment brand, established in 1999. Its feature is to support the promotion of e-mail, mobile ...

11 Enjoy mobile office Android software recommendation

Jinshan WPS Office Mobile version of the National Day holiday is coming, go out, want to deal with documents how to do? Many friends do not have to go out and do business work. In this way, we need more powerful and efficient remote office software. No matter when and where, can be happy to play office. Next, small series to recommend several efficient Android Office applications, need friends to understand. Software name: "Jinshan WPS Office Mobile Version" Price: Free update: September 13, 2012 Size: 11M Jinshan w ...

The internet entering the "mobile" era of the end of the PC era?

US Apple has made the world a whirlwind of iphone and ipad, Google has announced the activation of 400,000 of Android handsets every day; Microsoft, which has been the dominant PC age, has been more focused on the smartphone platform Windows phone 7 ...  The scramble for the smartphone and tablet markets by the world's top technology companies heralds the beginning of an era in which portable mobile internet access is mainstream. China's People's Daily published a recent article that the Internet is ushering in "mobile" ...

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