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Future health care: Cloud data will debut

"Who do you remember when the stethoscope was invented?" "Eric Toppe, a cardiologist," asked the listener at the stage loudly, Topol. The scene took place at the Ted Technology Summit in Los Angeles, California, in March 2010. Under the table are thousands of technology company leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, technology blogs and media, without doctors and medical professors. "That was in 1816," Eric whispered. He changed: "But in 2016 years, when the stethoscope was invented for the 200 anniversary, no one needs another ...

The future of medical care

Let's look at a real story, "Who Do you remember when the stethoscope was invented?" Eric Toppe (Eric Topol), a cardiologist, asked the listener at the table loudly. The scene took place at the Ted Technology Summit in Los Angeles, California, in March 2010.   Under the table are thousands of technology company leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, technology blogs and media, without doctors and medical professors. "That was in 1816," Eric whispered. He changed a turn: "But to 2016 years, such as the stethoscope invention 200 ...

From enemy to ally, drops of courier merge the next round of dark War begins

13 hours, marathon negotiations, starting from the morning of January 21, 8, a hotel in Shenzhen, China Mobile travel field competition pattern changed. This is a new battlefield, but yesterday's death of the enemy, become today to join hands to embrace the wrist ally, or slightly abrupt. There are six people on the negotiating table representing the two most motivated companies in the industry, as well as financial advisers. Dress casually, speak with Northeast accent, walk up the road to stride very big is the fast CEO Lu Zhunwei, long beard, facial shape is rich, have a sense of humour is Jingwei Venture Investment management partner David David, he had in 2013 ...

What happens when Charles Chao loses his "Chen"?

Editor's note: It has been said that Sina is "Iron Chen, running water CEO", but now, the Sina for 17 years, the creation of Sina News model, "The Godfather of Chinese Internet News", finally chose to leave. Chen in his farewell long microblog of a myriad of thoughts, for a row with 6 thanks: He expressed to the previous Sina CEO Zhidong, Mao Daolin, Yan and Chao's thanks, and particularly thanks to the introduction of Sina's Li Songpo, Yan and Dongnavi. 17 to shoulder, and friends. "I'll never forget that." He thanked everyone who had been concerned and criticized their friends. "It is ...

An entrepreneur who looks like a professional manager.

2009, Chao entered the 10 anniversary of Sina. Mr Chao, the famous "CFO", has repeatedly stood on the cusp of Sina, a veteran internet company. Sina Mbo Identity Change, how did it affect his mentality? In the 2014 Sina Weibo IPO day, from "Together" 17.8 U.S. dollars, to the final 17 dollars, how he and Goldman Sachs to negotiate the issue price of Sina Weibo? He is a distinguished and successful student of Fudan University (including Qiu, Changtian, etc.) Memory, what is a man and friend? Some things on the Internet "recommend this article, for ...

Visit Shenzhen Cloud Computing Center: 520 units, 120,000 CPUs

In the early Monday, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Shenzhen, woke up and the smart floor in the house had been set up last night to adjust the air temperature and humidity in the room. After breakfast, when the car started, the system has been automatically booked in the destination parking spaces, traffic jams will be issued to remind the road, and proposed changes in the route, the car park will automatically identify the vehicle after the arrival of the designated location, and will guide the car to the reserved parking space. Noon, work afternoon break, Mr. Liu use 3G mobile phone to view the real-time image of home, to understand the family situation, remote visits to family members; If there is no burglary in the home, the automatic alarm signal ...

Cloud computing: The next revolutionary innovation in computing

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall cloud computing This vocabulary people have heard some. In recent years, I have been groping. After the departure from Netcom, I began to do broadband capital, investment in contact with a lot of people, things and technology.   In this process, I have always thought: from the investment point of view, especially from the perspective of technology investment, each era, the most important thing is to grasp a particularly important technological innovation. Nearly 50 years of it innovation, mainly divided into such a few stages: the first stage is the computer commercial 1960 ...

Big Data Age: Large data applications can be seen everywhere

Big Data is an opportunity for change that everyone wants to seize.   Whether it is a giant or a small entrepreneurial team, all want to occupy a place in the early changes in this very change, the name, nuggets, seize the right to speak. As Xie, a well-known it commentator, says: "Big data can be an era, in many ways because it is a social movement that can be widely participated by all sectors of the community, eight-pronged attack, everywhere results, not just a handful of experts and scholars." Data generated in all walks of life, this change will also affect all walks of life, therefore, opportunities are also contained in all walks of life ...

Sum up everyone's windmill network CEO's entrepreneurial failure experience

Editor's note: The author of this article was on Facebook for Pinterest Pinterest, the CEO of Pinterest Pinterest, a social network operated by Renren.com, and he was on the high profile on March 20, 2012, until May 2012 On the 17th, the team was dissolved and the windmill network only experienced less than two months. And this includes the author's experience in a number of companies such as Baidu, everyone, and also includes a lesson in the blood of entrepreneurship within the company, I think both for Internet practitioners or you are on the road to entrepreneurship, should have a very Positive reference ...

"Big Data": Pursuit, Reflection

You're the target of a big data lock./cfp-Morning News reporter Miaoshari Lei "Big data" as if suddenly burst into people's lives. "Probably just like the movie" Matrix, "every element, including every room, every bed, the check-in of each ticket, the location of each car, the swipe of each spot ... A system is enough.   "Where to go," said Zhungchengsu, the net chief executive. Su Ning: "Predictive marketing" to the "Do you need XL or L of diapers?"

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