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Where to start a new journey: difficult to expand the hotel business

Summary: View the latest quotes since 2011, the largest IPO of Chinese companies in the United States comes from the net. The largest online travel search site in China, which was listed on the Nasdaq on November 1, 2013, was priced at $28.35, up 89% from its IPO price, the highest viewing date since 2011. The China's largest online travel search site was listed on the Nasdaq on November 1, 2013, with 28.35 U.S.

The U.S. capital markets do not care where the net, where to enter troubled

Where to go the net seems to go into eventful. Recently, almost all the members of the art network have received a text message, the content of which is "art dragon suspension and where to go to the network cooperation, welcome directly to the art of the Dragon website booking hotel."   Art Dragon CEO Cui made clear that the arts dragon does not support where to go TTS (Online trading) mode, other countries OTA (online travel agents) also do not support vertical search TTS mode. Cui said, where to go to the net is the original vertical search, Pay-per-click (can charge high advertising fees); now push TTS, the charging mode should be divided according to the transaction (ie Taobao mode ...).

Where to go net TTS to create a new order

Past, where to go? The label of the Net (qunar.com) is the "vertical tourism industry Baidu", the business model is the CPC (search parity); now, where to go the web will be labeled "vertical tourism industry Baidu + Taobao" business model is TTS (total Solution, hotel online trading system) +cpc. April 23, where to go net CEO Zhungchengsu to accept this reporter interview said: "This is convenient for consumers, the past need to learn, adapt to different OTA site, now do not need to face where the net, to where to spend ...

Click to pay the price increase to provoke protest where the collective down

"0 fare increase" compromise call back some Ota, art dragon, Mango, live where the net and so on is still outstanding nearly 10 mainstream O T a website (online travel agents) group off the corresponding hotel products. This is the country's largest travel search engine to where the establishment, for the first time faced such a large-scale "boycott" storm. Events since the beginning of April, as of this month, 13th, to where the network has been with the same network, Teng Bang International, to order the OTA reached a reconciliation, related services to resume cooperation on the line, and art dragon, Mango, where the network is pending. According to South reporters understand that the direct cause of the storm is CP ...

Where the visitor ushered in the adult period

Where the customer has just been set up, imitate the object on the fall, through a strong brand marketing and organizational resources capacity, where the guests out of a road of their own.   Now, in the face of unprecedented questioning and internal and internal challenges, aging can take his "after" they out of the bottleneck?   When the thousands of people rushed to the red carpet, the security pulled up the wall outside desperately shouting Han and Li Yuchun's name, the 43-Year-old CEO of a little "surprised": "This is our staff, or the company for the annual meeting of the Organization's fans?" It was not the first time that he was shocked by the team he had led. In 2012 1 ...

Carry Ctrip to where to fall again "vest" controversy

Abstract: Once sparked a war of words, and once out of the merger of the gossip of Ctrip and where to go to war yesterday. Ctrip yesterday openly accused to go where through a large number of vest agents and technical means to give priority, search comparison platform of the impartiality of the total loss, once triggered a "war of words", and once out of the merger "gossip" of the Ctrip and where yesterday and "war". Ctrip yesterday publicly accused to go where through a large number of "vest" agents and other methods and technical means to give priority, search compared to the fairness of the platform completely lost, Ctrip has taken the initiative to the hotel products from where to the offline. I don't want to go anywhere.

Ctrip merger and suppression where to force the line under the map Broken Bureau

July 31, Ctrip Q2 earnings, its accommodation reservations, traffic ticketing and other business growth significantly, the total revenue increase of 38%, but with the accompanying is the high cost of product development and marketing costs, making Ctrip's net profit fell 36% year-on-year. Two noteworthy points, one is "Ctrip, including the Internet and wireless platform, the proportion of online transactions has accounted for 80% of the total transaction."   , which means that the artificial customer service center also occupies 20% of the share, and the mobile end occupies how much share has not been announced. Another point is that Ctrip current cash and short-term investment balance also ...

Where to go with the big data. Financial Lock Travel Insurance

After Tencent, Baidu and other Internet companies, the Internet financial Camp added another member. Yesterday (November 20), where to Go (NASDAQ:QUNR) announced that the insurance brokerage business licence has been obtained. Where are you going? NET CEO Zhungchengsu yesterday told the Daily Economic news reporter that after the formal license, will begin to explore tourism-related financial business, is currently developing based on large data insurance products. At the same time, just completed the IPO to where the net released the third quarter as of September 30, 2013 earnings. Earnings show where to go net third quarter total revenue ...

Where to respond to consumer complaints: commitment must be responsible

December 18 afternoon news, for consumers to complain about where to find the purchase of the problem ticket, where to just released a response, said the commitment must be responsible for every consumer. According to reports, the city Bureau of Commerce and Industry recently received many customers through the network to buy air tickets can not normally get air tickets or the normal travel complaints, after investigation, these consumers are through the "where" site to search to "400" to the beginning of the purchase of the ticket phone, in the temptation of low discounts, without confirmation,  Easy to remit the ticket to the designated account after the problem occurred. Where to...

Every guest several times hovering cliff edge, where the customer quality of the next to go

"300 Shirts" is considered an important product after "millet". At present, has not officially listed, and the old side began to vigorously put into the product of the emergency clothing, but unfortunately he dressed in the emergency clothing by the heavy rain in the photos did not win the number of tweets forwarded, but also attracted a lot of questions,   An analyst with CITIC Industry Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd, instead asked the old man, "is the core of the suit a rain-proof?" However, in every guest for so many years, this is not a fan claimed to create the ultimate production ...

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