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Research on theory and countermeasure of cloud computing information security in China

1. Cloud computing Information Resource Management Model 1.1 The origins, definitions, and characteristics of cloud computing "cloud computing" has a long history, as early as in 1961, McCarthy, a computer expert at MIT, predicted that computers would eventually become a global public resource. 2006, Google formally proposed the "Cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) terminology, and to the University of Washington to provide 40 PCs composed of a small cloud, open ...

There are six problems in the development of cloud computing industry at present

June 30, 2011, Sadie Network joint-Sadie consultant in Beijing released the 2011 edition of China's cloud computing Industry Development White Paper (hereinafter "white Paper"). In 2010, Sadie Consultant released the first white Paper on cloud computing industry in China, which aroused wide concern of the industry and media. In the 2011 new white Paper, Sadie Consultants in the market data, industry data, cloud computing applications and typical cases have made a new comb and a lot of updates to the market development of the status quo summarized, and added to the domestic enterprises of the commentary. Research on the development of China's electronic information industry ...

Edge computing becomes the next point of the explosion, who will win the cloud computing giant and the CDN giant?

At the recent Yunqi Conference, Alibaba Group senior vice president and president of Alibaba Hu Xiaoming announced that IoT (Internet of Things) officially became the main strategy of Alibaba after e-commerce, finance, logistics and cloud computing, and in order to do a good job of IoT Alibaba Cloud will invest in the emerging technology field of “edge computing” in 2018.

The definition of cloud computing determines the shape of the cloud products of the enterprise

Indeed, it is not possible to understand the current "cloud computing phenomenon". As recognized as the "rational" characteristics of the group, the IT field of technology and enterprise in a few years, almost all transferred to cloud computing technologies and products research and development, and this "crazy" behavior is rapidly spread to other areas, more and more people are gathered around the "cloud". Legal experts began to study "cloud", economists, sociologists, cultural scholars, government officials also began to study and pay attention to the changes brought about by the "cloud", Apple's icloud let ordinary people feel the "cloud" belt ...

Analysis of security architecture of cloud computing data center

The purpose of the data center is to make better use of data, data mining and data efficiency. The application of cloud computing technology in the data center is an inevitable trend. It is important to study the information security architecture of cloud computing data Center for the benefit from data center to be supported by a relatively safe and stable environment. I. Cloud computing Overview (i) cloud computing technology ranked first among the top ten most strategic technologies and trends for most organizations, Gartner, a world-renowned market research consultancy. Cloud computing refers to the delivery of IT infrastructure ...

Seven big predictions of cloud computing technology: the future will be Multi Cloud

As early as 2010 and 2011, the prediction of the glorious future of cloud computing became the headline news. Analysts predict that the arrival of cloud computing is the best technological development since the invention of the computer.

Cloud computing Application Case Introduction and Analysis

Through the introduction and analysis of the cloud computing application cases of the U.S. federal, local government and some global famous enterprises in the financial and pharmaceutical industries, this paper summarizes the common characteristics of the cloud computing services adopted by the Government and the global famous enterprises to abandon the traditional IT system infrastructure.   Finally, some ideas about the development strategy of cloud computing in our country are put forward. The subprime crisis, which originated in America in the 2008, gradually turned into a financial tsunami, triggering a global financial crisis. Economists have likened the financial crisis to the Great Depression of the United States in the late 30, which shows the extent and severity of its impact. ...

The three abilities of operators to develop mobile cloud computing face the test

Cloud computing is moving from the 1.0 era to a more mature, more practical 2.0 era. Today, the concept of cloud computing has been pervasive, cloud computing products and applications are emerging, cloud computing and mobile internet convergence also accelerated. If cloud computing used to be a new favorite of High-tech Internet companies, more and more ordinary businesses and individuals today are starting to touch and apply cloud computing. Statistical data from research institutes show that the global cloud computing market developed rapidly in the 2014.   In the 2015, the cloud computing industry will also usher in greater development. Mobile Cloud computing is cloud computing technology and mobile communications ...

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing application services

Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) is a hot-spot concept in industry and academia, and IBM's first reference to cloud computing in the 2007 technical white Paper has since been widely discussed in the IT field. The concept of cloud computing is the commercial realization of the public of computer resources, which provides a new idea for information management and service. As a rising technology, cloud computing with open standards and services based on the Internet as the center, so that the various computing resources on the internet together with T, together to form a number of large data centers and computing centres, for all kinds of ...

Analysis of the security and energy consumption of cloud computing and its development trend

Introduction with high-speed network development, growing network demand through large-scale data center processing, thousands of servers and network system storage, many internet companies such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo and other operators around the world such a large data processing center, this network service is called Cloud computing services. From the cloud computing service model, security is facing the problem of data privacy security, the data outsourcing to the cloud service providers how to ensure data privacy and security, the second is the credibility of services, how to determine the cloud service provider feedback Services is credible, the loss of data physical control and data location is not accurate ...

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