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Not to be missed, to participate in the sixth session of China's cloud computing conference ten Reasons

Successive China Cloud computing Conference has become the landmark event of IT industry development. In 2009, the first Congress discussed cloud computing and its scope; in 2010, the second Congress defined cloud computing hotspot technologies and applications; In 2011, the third Congress discussed the relationship with traditional operators and shared cloud computing practices; 2012, the fourth session of the General Assembly defines "the first year of cloud computing practice," In-depth analysis of technology and industry experience, OpenStack, Cloudstack, Hadoop and other platform research harmonizing; 2013, the fifth session of the General Assembly ...

IBM Cloud Computing 6+1 Infrastructure Management Platform Solution

1 IBM Cloud Computing 6+1 Solution IBM Cloud Computing solution is an advanced infrastructure management platform developed by IBM Cloud Computing Center after years of exploration and practice.   The solution combines the industry's latest technology, fully embodies the concept of cloud computing, has been successfully operating within IBM for many years, and has a number of customer cases around the world. The solution can integrate the enterprise's existing infrastructure, through virtualization technology and automation technology, build the cloud computing center owned by the Enterprise, and realize the unified management, unified distribution and unification of hardware resources and software resources.

Cloud computing begins to get better

In the 2009, Aliyun began to develop independently. Over the past six years, Aliyun's contribution to the development of China's cloud computing industry is obvious. "Amazon Cloud computing is no doubt important to the development of the entire new industry globally," Liu, the csdn& editor of the programmer, said. For China, the success or failure of Aliyun has a similar weight. Lei, who just advertised 1 billion dollars to build Jin Shanyun, said: "From the beginning of the Amazon to the Aliyun, a layer of preheating, I think now cloud computing is getting better." "To appreciate the ecological changes in China's cloud computing, ...

Open Data Center Alliance announces 8 cloud computing requirements

BEIJING, June 15, 2011--Open Data center ALLIANCE,ODCA, which is the mission of open and interoperable cloud solutions, announced important milestones in Beijing today. In just seven months, the league's membership has grown by as much as four times times, with more than 280 global IT application leaders joining the Alliance, which have accumulated more than $100 billion trillion in it budgets over the year. Open Data Center Alliance also set up a working group, with the industry's key phase ...

Cloud computing helps enterprises realize it transformation

Cloud computing services provide a way for it officials to access cloud computing services. But what cloud computing is and how it consumes cloud computing services has become their biggest blind spot, which was presented and explained by Keith Jahn, director of the Office of the chief technology officer, Hewlett-Packard Software and Solutions department. This helps it officials get rid of a delivery-focused approach to creating a world-class supply chain that manages the supply and demand of cloud computing services. I wonder if you have ever heard of the fairy tale of four-eyed-day chickens: A crazy chick is taking a life-threatening trip to warn ...

It giant's foray into "cloud computing" platform is still hidden trouble

At the moment, PCs are still the core tool in our day-to-day life-we use PCs to process documents, store data, and share information with others via email or u disk. If the PC hard drive is broken, we will be stranded because of data loss. In the "Cloud computing" era, the cloud will do the work of storing and computing for us. "Cloud" is the computer group, each group includes hundreds of thousands of units, and even millions of computers. The benefit of the cloud is that the computer can be updated at any time to ensure that the cloud is immortal. Google has several such "clouds", other IT giants ...

Persistent BAE uses Windows Azure to deliver a java-based Cloudninja project

Editor's note: The writer is persistent Bae's assistant vice president for cloud computing Shreekanth Joshi, describing how the company is using Windows Azure to develop and deliver java-based applications for their ISV customers. Persistent BAE is a global company specializing in software products and technical services. We focus on developing the best solutions in four major areas of next-generation technology: cloud computing, mobility, BI, and analytics and collaboration ...

The ultimate goal of cloud computing needs landing

Every time you talk about the development of the Internet, everyone will be very optimistic about cloud computing, think it will be the future of the Internet development, so in understanding this aspect of the content while deciding the following content on the concept of cloud computing understanding and argument is better, so Share hope to help cloud computing friends. If you count the current IT trends, cloud computing will do my part. What exactly is the cloud? Although there is no text-based definition of clouds today, the description of clouds is everywhere. For example, the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology gives the description is: cloud computing ...

Cloud computing worries all parties seek to attack and clear cloud security fog

The idea that the cloud would be a safe disaster has sparked a big stir in the industry, said Cisco's President Chambers. In fact, this is not sensational, data protection, terminal protection, virtual environment, risk management and other information security issues with the advent of cloud computing will be more complex and difficult, enterprise users of information security will face more serious challenges. Trend Technology 2010 Report on security threats points out that while cloud computing and virtualization can deliver considerable benefits and save a lot of costs, migrating servers to traditional information security boundaries also expands ...

Cloud computing: It may take longer than 30 years for a PC

Often the perspectives of cloud computing are full of contradictions. We often hear two distinct voices and cases at the same time. It seems that there is a huge gap between the Spring Festival and the normal traffic in Beijing. From invention to popularity, PC took a full 30 years, cloud computing may need to spend more time. Neither large enterprises nor small businesses need the courage to sacrifice immediate benefits to gain access to cloud computing. The key to success is whether we can find a completely new business model and maximize the potential and value of cloud computing. ZDNet hair ...

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