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Yat Chong Cloud customer Service: A SaaS-based cloud Enterprise Services tool

The SaaS Pioneer Series is CSDN cloud computing channel, dedicated to free reporting on domestic SaaS market segments including OA, CRM and other fields of pioneer enterprises, in the previous reports, we have reported the different customers, Worktile, DAYHR, the market has a warm response, Many SaaS start-ups have joined us. Today's recommended business is from the beautiful abundance Chengdu, Yat-Chong Cloud customer service is a SaaS based Cloud Enterprise Services tool for enterprise external customer Support services (after-sales service) and internal staff support services, ...

Inventory Domestic Cloud host services

Revenues of around $1 billion a year dominate the cloud computing market. All this has made Amazon a target for companies with plans to provide cloud services, whether in the US or elsewhere in the world, including some it giants: IBM, Microsoft, Google, Rackspace, and so on. And the domestic hope to emulate Amazon, in the cloud services market Siege of the company also a few, Aliyun, Sheng, million network, Century interconnection. But what kind of strength is needed to challenge Amazon? Industry has experts to give such a view, competing with Amazon AWS, you need three ...

Cloud Express research on local cloud service based on open architecture

It is believed that most of the friends who understand the development of China's cloud computing industry will not be unfamiliar with the name of the Cloud Express line. The company, which was established in October 2009 and affiliated to the Century group, is the only professional manufacturer specializing in the operation of public cloud computing infrastructure, and its existing business scope mainly includes cloud host, Cloud hosting, cloud backup, cloud storage, Cloud Cube, CDN Acceleration and other commercial application services, has been successfully for including network games, application software development, logistics platform applications, industry Web applications and other types of customer Internet applications to provide a reliable cloud computing infrastructure (IAA ...

Windows Azure cloud Services and virtual machine reserved IP addresses will be officially released

What is reserved IP address?   When do I need to reserve an IP address? With the recent PowerShell release, Microsoft Azure allows users to reserve public IPV4 addresses in Azure subscriptions. You can keep an IP address at any time in your subscription, or you can associate it with a cloud service deployment that is in the area where the IP address is reserved. This new bulletin is specifically for IP addresses that are targeted to the public Internet. The Azure platform already supports reserved internal IP, as described here. &nb ...

Seven big predictions of cloud computing technology: the future will be Multi Cloud

As early as 2010 and 2011, the prediction of the glorious future of cloud computing became the headline news. Analysts predict that the arrival of cloud computing is the best technological development since the invention of the computer.

Cloud World Congress: The Silicon Valley cloud World link scene picture and text

Moderator: The General Assembly into the next plate, Silicon Valley cloud world, please host. Joe Golden, a partner in broadband capital: I'm a partner in broadband capital, and I'm going to welcome this part of the discussion, which is called the cloud world of Silicon Valley. Or we can say that the guests of our invitation, are guests from all over the world, today dedicated to participate in the 2011 Cloud World Congress, we have about one hours, a brief introduction to our guests. They will then give each of them a brief introduction of their own company. Then there will be a topic discussion about the cloud. First of all, Jane ...

Send Cloud Enterprise Cloud service platform to solve traditional it delivery mode, help enterprise release productivity

The traditional It delivery model has many problems, whether from the delivery cycle or from planning to experience, there are a lot of difficult to determine the factors, many times because of some subjective or objective reasons cause project lag or miscarriage. Today to recommend the SaaS Pioneer Enterprise called Cloud technology, founder Shipeixin is to see the current enterprise IT delivery pain point, in September 13 began to build the first fully automatic and full self-service enterprise cloud service platform. It can be considered "a platform to subvert the existing enterprise IT delivery model, a community of application experience and software learning, a professional it person ...

Cloud practice and large data outlook

Zhang Fubo: The following part of the forum is mainly four guests, talk about cloud practice. Beijing First Letter Group is the Beijing government's integration company, mainly responsible for the capital window of the construction, they are also in the domestic, in the government industry earlier in a company, as the first letter Group Technical Support Center General Manager Zhang Ninglai for us to do the report. Zhang: Good afternoon, we have just introduced, I am from Beijing First Letter Development Co., Ltd., I bring today is the result of our practice in cloud computing technology these years. Today is mainly divided into three parts, we mainly do is the field of e-government applications, we are mainly ...

Talk about Power's advantage in cloud computing--Micro interview record

The new IBM SmartCloud start Cloud product IBM Starter Kit for Cloud (SKC) is the IBM Fast Cloud Infrastructure cloud computing platform, and as a fully integrated software stack, IBM Starter Kit for Cloud can take your virtualized environment from The "Cloud ready" state transitions to a real "cloud" environment. ZDNet to the top of the network this is the honor of the IBM Greater China System and Technology Division power product Manager Mr. Gu Jian, hope everyone on the power in the cloud should ...

Cloud ERA world view: Who can find a place to rob the future of money

Under the Internet sky, everyone is talking about the cloud. Clouds are not in the air, clouds are in the world of data, software, and services. In that world, what we ask for is centered on us, omnipresent and ubiquitous, distant and near, not possessed and everything. According to the Economist, humans are on the eve of the third industrial Revolution. Its core content is cloud computing, 3D printing, industrial robot, network collaboration production service. Mobile Internet and intelligent terminals provide a prerequisite for the advent of the cloud era, software development and application services for the cloud era of maturity ...

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