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How to be a programmer who understands products

"Guide" In many companies, programmers and product managers are "railway police, each section of the tube", the programmer is only responsible for implementation, do not care about who is in what circumstances with this product, what to do; The Product manager is only responsible for planning, not caring about whether the technology can be achieved or how much the implementation costs. It is estimated that in the minds of such an arrangement, programmers are like blind people who walk without looking at the road;   The so-called division of labor Cooperation, is the lame conductor blind, everyone to escape. About six years ago, I was in a ...

Dorsey: First of all, I'm a programmer, then CEO.

Twitter and Square founder Dorsey Forbes magazine's November issue will feature an interview with Twitter and Square founder Dorsey (Jack Dorsey). Many West share their own entrepreneurial experience, unique entrepreneurial approach and business management philosophy. The following are the main contents of the text: The Conversation with Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) involves a lot of content. Dorsey is the founder of the San Francisco mobile payment Enterprise Square.

Such a beautiful sister can not be a programmer! The programmer's ads get off the shelf because the girl looks so attractive

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Software technology industry How odd is sex discrimination? Not long ago, the technology community was first-hand experienced by the program workers. LinkedIn and Topta (a small developer Network platform) staged a farce about the credibility of the girl on Toptal's ad on the LinkedIn website ... The event originated from ...

The programmer changes the game equipment profit nearly 200,000 to obtain the punishment

Game programmers have been sentenced to the news (reporter Lin Xiaohong correspondent Yangfan, Zhong) monthly income of the network game programmers, unexpectedly a new way and think of a "make money", will be a well-known online game in the low value of online games equipment changed to high value equipment, and then sell profit near 200,000 yuan. Guangzhou Tianhe District Procuratorate will the programmer Su Yuanhua sued to the court, recently, the court first trial to the crime of duty embezzlement sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for three years. Defendant Su Yuanhua was born in 1981, in Guangzhou Bo x Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bo × ...

The confusion of a 39-year-old programmer: The more you know, the slower the program will be.

Absrtact: Zilk1988 14 years old when the beginning of programming, after several careers, and finally decided to become a professional programmer in 1997 (also known as code farmers), now 39 years old, the choice is still no regrets. But then he found a problem, his experience Zilk1988 14 years old, began to program, after several careers, and finally decided to become a professional programmer (also known as Code Agriculture) in 1997, now 39 years old, the choice is still no regrets. But then he found a problem, the more his experience, the completion of ...

Chen Litei's second entrepreneurial path starts with a programmer job search

"There are two kinds of people, programmers and non-programmers in the world, and there are two kinds of recruiting, technical recruiting and non technical recruiting in the world."   So, quick resume CEO Chen Litei's second entrepreneurial path starts with a programmer job search, aiming at a vertical recruiting site.   December 25, when people are immersed in the festive atmosphere of Christmas, "quick Resume" (kuaijianli.com) quietly online. Technical recruitment "go right" in the web1.0 era, the traditional Zhaopin and 51job recruitment sites for job seekers to provide a convenient information services flat ...

Why is it that programmers are always known as cock-silk groups?

Not expecting so many people, one thing I emphasize, my title is to be considered, not to say really. In fact, programmers are not worse than other industries, but the overall recognition of the community is not high.   (or cognitive) This article is purely leisure entertainment, please do not take seriously.   1. Are programmers poor? In fact, in my experience, the salary of the graduates with the same qualifications, the programmer's salary is absolutely the top three. But unfortunately, the main development of programmers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou area, this area is the rich people's concentration, ...

Build well-known electric business enterprises to help Sichuan enterprises online Nuggets

10 years ago, how many people know about E-commerce? How to help more traditional industry enterprises to understand the Internet, to carry out their own e-commerce business?   This is the local electric business enterprise Sichuan Easy Network Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Gavin Thought for 10 years, the practice of 10 years of things. 10 years ago Gavin just graduated from college, but has begun to develop their own E-commerce Web site system, 10 years later, Gavin founder of the electrical Business Enterprise has 500 people's excellent team, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Xi ' an and many other branches. For 10 years, he insists on the dream of making his business a ...

Different levels of programmers

During an interview, you may be asked often, "What do you want to do in the next five years?" This may be a difficult question to answer. In China, the answer may be Team leader, Manager, Architect or Specialist. In China, you may think that manager will be the next target of a programmer, but managers and programmers abroad may be two A different branch, Architect or Specialist is better than the manager, the substitution may be better, because this ...

On the pros and cons of the programmer's Home Office from Yahoo's transformation

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall The first time to focus on remote Home Office information is Ms. Mayer's new Yahoo CEO after the decision is no longer allowed to work at home, the company all staff need to build a new corporate culture. Although at that time for telecommuting also just have a preliminary understanding, know in many it from ...

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