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Credit Card Marketing Lost

2007-5-28 Source: "New Marketing" 2007 5th Author: Liang With the advent of the era of credit card marketing, how to put the bank's credit card to create a rich personality and connotation of the independent brand is increasingly urgent. Brands determine consumers ' perceptions, and perceptions can be difficult to change once they are implanted into the consumer's brain. Therefore, who can become the first brand of domestic credit card, will be a key to its future market performance to promote ...

How to improve the effect of micro-credit marketing with technology

Micro-faith is not a universal artifact! Today, many brand owners are doing micro-letters, we go to talk with some party A is often asked: we want to do micro-letter, do you have some good ideas good plan? But why do micro-letters, do a micro-letter can achieve what kind of effect, micro-letter exactly want to make what appearance, they may not have a clear idea. To do the micro-letter, more because it is popular, as well as those such as the most grounded gas O2O, fruit vendors use micro-letter monthly 90,000, pancake vendors use micro-letter business hot, such as exposure case. Chinese people are very good at imitation, brand owners are more to go ...

Introduction to the introduction of the knowledge of the stove Stone legend FAQ

In the furnace legend before the test, small series first to take you to understand the game, first of all, let's take a look at some of the furnace legend of the game in all aspects of the relevant questions and answers.   Basic content Q: What is the legend of the Furnace stone? A: "The Legend of the Stone: Warcraft Hero Biography" is a Blizzard Entertainment launched a WINDONWS system and the ipad will run the free strategy card game. Players can choose to play one of the nine heroes in the Warcraft series, taking turns from their own ...

Payment options page design

This article from the original is the country Kenji students in Zhejiang University translation, the original author: Jamie Appleseed, view the original if you can not pay, he will not be able to buy anything from you, and therefore supports a wide variety of payment options to ensure that users can pay you. However, in our study of payment availability, finding that providing multiple payment methods for users introduces complexity into the payment process and must be carefully designed to avoid confusion and choice difficulties. For international websites, supporting a wide variety of payment methods is not just a matter of user preference.

Lakara president Suntaujan talk about payment by: follow the trend

Wangyongjian Suntaujan is about to usher in the "Eight years of resistance" in Lakara. In order to obtain a licence, Suntaujan and Lakara have been in the third party payment industry since 2005 for 6 years. Since May 2011, the central bank began to pay a large number of licensing, more than a year, more than 200 companies were allowed to pay a third party to become a veritable "Red Sea." But Suntaujan is not worried. On the one hand, in his view, the payment is a lot of "cuisine" and taste of the problem, Lakara as long as firmly do "credit card pie" work, targeting the mass market, there will be enough opportunities to grow into industry leader ...

The enemy Dêgê a line

"March is over, the cruel season." Under the genial spring scenery hides the murderous. The seasons change, new things come up, and the last season's control tries to choke off their Yu Youxia.   "Li Yu, founder of Tiger Sniffing, said in a column that she implied a complex mood among telecoms operators about micro-letters such as OTT (Internet companies crossing operators and developing data Services). Yes, when the micro-letter gradually replaced the phone number, operators from the role of the pipeline more and more near, if the future can only be reduced to highway "road workers", the operator is certainly not reconciled. So micro-letter "occupation letter ...

The big retail sales of Merchants Bank increase the profit accounted for 3%

According to the current development of China's banking industry, capital constraints are increasing, and the strategic position of retail business is becoming more and more prominent. In the face of the increasingly fierce retail competition, China Merchants Bank, the first to start in the retail bank, is also seeking to change, while maintaining the steady growth of the scale, focusing on improving the pricing ability of retail business, improving the structure of retail business and establishing a new management structure.  This also is the key point of "two times transition" of retail business of CMB.  November 5, in Shenzhen Merchants Bank Building meeting room, vice President Ding Wei for this newspaper outlines the major retail management system reform, and detailed the three major retail development strategy. ...

2015:NFC to pay for the year of industrial chain interest disputes to be clarified

Yi Yi October 17, IPhone6 listed in mainland China, ApplePay but "no-show", can not help but once again to China NFC (near-field communications, nearfieldcommunication) The prospect of paying doubt. However, after just 3 days, the People's Bank of China issued data, said the number of Chinese financial IC card issuance exceeded 1 billion, and reiterated the 2015 comprehensive application of the financial IC card target, which gave NFC pay a shot of the boost-because of the financial IC card and NFC in the processing environment has a very high compatibility, gold ...

2015 will become NFC pay the year of industrial chain interest entanglements to be clarified

October 17, IPhone6 in mainland China, ApplePay but "no-show", can not help but again to China NFC (near-field communications, nearfieldcommunication) to pay the prospect of doubt. However, after just 3 days, the People's Bank of China issued data, said the number of Chinese financial IC card issuance exceeded 1 billion, and reiterated the 2015 comprehensive application of the financial IC card target, which gave NFC pay a shot of the boost-because of the financial IC card and NFC in the acceptance of the environment has a very high compatibility, financial IC ...

Mobile phone pay blue sea broad standards undecided difficult

Supermarket checkout not busy from purse, online shopping do not worry about not with U Shield, participate in second kill don't worry about the computer is not around ... As long as you carry a small cell phone with you, these problems will be all done.  Now, these High-tech lenses that once only appeared in movies have been made available to ordinary people. Data show that 2010, China's mobile payment market overall size reached 20.25 billion yuan, it is predicted that the 2011 China Mobile payment market will continue to grow strongly, to 2012 will be more than 100 billion yuan, and to 2013, mobile internet users will surpass PC users ...

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