World Blood Donation Day

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World Blood Donation Day: More than 100 professional volunteers 17 major street blood collection sites to carry out volunteer activities

Beijing News (Reporter Li Ning Li Dan) Yesterday, on the 11th World Blood Donor Day, more than 100 professional volunteers went to 17 major street blood collection sites to carry out voluntary blood donation voluntary service activities. Blood donation in Xidan, many people who donate blood are "regulars." A nearly six-year-old blood donor said he had donated blood every six months, which has become his habit. Another blood donor said she has donated blood for 17 years. In addition to the blood donors themselves, more than 100 volunteers were gathered at the scene, all of whom were staff members of municipal medical institutions. Some volunteers use the rest time, came to the blood collection point to ...

"World Blood Donor Day" to determine the 2015 global main venue, Shanghai will carry out thematic activities

BEIJING, December 5 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Blood Center announced on the evening of the 5th, 2015, "World Blood Donor Day" in the world's main venue settled in Shanghai. From March to June next year, Shanghai will organize a series of thematic activities around World Blood Donor Day. Through this opportunity, Shanghai will collaborate with more social resources to launch more public welfare projects. On the evening of the same day, "Colorful Colorful - the Third Night of Creative Blood Donation" was held by the Shanghai Blood Center. For the first time, blood donations were given more color connotations. A number of fashion brands such as "Heroes, Sharing, Courage, Individuality" Standard ...

Shanghai World Blood Donor Day 2014, the perfect company more than two hundred people to participate in the event

June 14, 2014 is the 11th World Blood Donor Day, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Shanghai Red Cross and the Chinese People's Liberation Army troops in Shanghai sponsored by the "World Blood Donor Day 2014" Memorial Conference held in Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch and other long-term support for blood donation work unit, about 200 volunteer representatives attended the commemorative activities. Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, the relevant government leaders; City Health and Family Planning Commission, City Red Cross, Shanghai forces, the Municipal Civilization Office, Mission City, Municipal Education Commission and other relevant leaders attended the meeting ...

"World Blood Donor Day": North Canton over 100,000 rental passengers willing to participate in blood donation

Shanghai, June 13, Thursday - June 14, 2013 is the 10th World Blood Donor Day with themed donations of blood and gifts of life. Taking advantage of this anniversary, the largest in-taxi interactive media in Hong Kong touches the media in first-tier cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The survey results show that over 100,000 taxi passengers have the willingness to participate in blood donation. A total of 423,685 passengers completed the survey. Nearly 60% of passengers (58.6%) said they have not given blood yet, but more than half of these non-blood donors (54.2% ...

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