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World Population Day 6 billion, recalling the birth of the No. 6 billion inhabitant of October 12

The October 12, 1999 was identified by the United Nations as the world's 6 billion population day, meaning that at the end of 20th century, the total population of the Earth broke through 6 billion. In the short 100 years of 20th century, the world's population rose by 4.5 billion, more than 3 times times the total growth of the past millions of years! If the world's population were to grow at a rate of 2% a year, there would be one person per square metre by 2500. As the population grew too much, too quickly, causing many major problems, the United Nations had solemnly set an anniversary for it. However, China's family planning has made the world 6 billion people a day late 4 ...

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