World Refugee Day

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World Refugee Day Weibo Queen Yao Chen attended the United Nations charity bazaar

Hong Kong, June 20, 2011 / PRNewswire / - Yao Chen, the first spokesman for UNHCR and microblogging queen to attend UNHCR's "World Refugee Day" hosted by UNHCR, Hong Kong, Harbor City fully supports the charity charity auction "Together with Yao Chen for Refugee Children," and the conference printed a limited edition postcard of selected photographs of the two visits to refugees in Yao Chen to raise funds for UNHCR. At the same time, Yao Chen personally sent a letter of thanks to Harbor City, General Manager of Harbor City Properties Limited (retail rental) Miss Li Liyi on behalf of the acceptance. Yao Chen ...

The World Refugee Day is Advancing and Our Country's Peacekeepers Medical Unit in DRC Conducts Health Checkup for Children and Refugees

China Daily Congo (DRC) Bukavu, June 21 (Wang Dongning, correspondent) On the eve of the World Refugee Day on June 20, the task of repatriating medical support for the FDLR in the country is being implemented At a refugee settlement site temporarily rescued by U.N. peacekeeping medical units in Warungu, just east of the country, receiving surrender of anti-government armed personnel, I conducted a physical check-up for about 100 children and conducted physical examinations for some patients Sick children donated medicines and daily necessities. These children are children of RPA rebels, who are with their father ...

World Refugee Day commemoration held in Beijing, Zhu Saipu representative: the global refugee reached an unprecedented scale

June 20 is the 14th "World Refugee Day." The theme of this year's World Refugee Day is that even if only one family is separated by the war, it is too much. "Refugees are often regarded as burdens and regarded as preempted by resources and job opportunities, but many times people forget that they too are human beings, and of course they prefer to stay in their own hometown for a peaceful life if they can. Other countries because they have no choice. "June 18 ...

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