World Sleep Day

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World Sleep Day must understand the problem! Whether insomnia can cure

Do you know what day it is? World Sleep Day, we have to figure out a problem! Insomnia This problem, in the end can cure AH? Look at the investigator Lu son, because insomnia was tossing into this pair of appearance, so haggard, very painful ah. Insomnia, also known as the maintenance of sleep disorders, refers to the inability to sleep or to maintain sleep, and lack of sleep. So, in daily life, do you have insomnia experience? Because of what, insomnia? The investigators interviewed randomly in the streets, without exception, have experienced insomnia. Most young people suffer from insomnia because of their work. ...

World Sleep Day, better sleep, mental health is important

The core tip: "The factors affecting sleep are manifold, and psychological problems are a very important part." Improving sleep should begin with improving our psychology. Han Fang, director of the China Sleep Research Institute and professor of Peking University's People's Hospital, announced in the recently held "2015 World Sleep Day theme release and large-scale popular science activity initiation Ceremony", this year 3.21 World Sleep Day's Chinese theme identified as "The healthy psychology, the Good sleep". "The factors that affect sleep are manifold, and psychological problems are important," he said. Improving sleep should begin with improving our psychology. "Chinese Sleep Research ...

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