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Kodak: The yellow Giant Resurrection change body graphic printing little Giant

Absrtact: Along the garden-type Science park of Pudong Jinqiao in Shanghai, and across a small bridge, a recent resurrection of the former film Empire Kodak, its Chinese companies are located in the front of the building is not high in the No. 8th.   November 11, out of the 18-month bankruptcy protection period Kodak along the Shanghai Pudong Golden Bridge Garden-type technology park to walk in, across a small bridge, the recent resurrection of the former film Empire Kodak, its Chinese companies are located in the front of the building is not high 8th. November 11, out of the 18-month bankruptcy protection period of the Kodak company, ...

Webmaster must understand nine graphic design common sense

Small itself is a graphic designer, before intervals some free time, then in each webmaster posted online posts, the effect is free to make a logo, in exchange for site connection (I believe many people have seen), half a month to do more than 80 personal station or corporate logo, to recognize the many webmaster,   They are very good, but some of them because of the knowledge of art is too scarce, resulting in such as I directly to the picture plus connection, the orange as a cold hue, and so people very helpless problem, hereby code this article, I hope to help. 1.

Logo design principles in the Android 2.0 environment

Create a unified look, feel the full user interface will increase your product added value. The refined graphic style also makes users feel more professional in the user interface. This document provides some information to help you create icons in different parts of the application interface to match the universal style under the android2.x frame. Adhering to these guidelines will help you create a seamless and unified experience for your users. To make the work of creating icons faster, you can download the android icon template package. For more information, please visit the Android icon template package for use. Android ...

Analysis of the Microcosm of Icons - Starting from Semiotics

Since the introduction of the concept of a graphical user interface (GUI) since the first WIMP presentation by Xerox in 1970, the computer user interface has been transitioned from character development to the graphical age. After less than half a century of rapid development, through the attention of the Apple system and popular beneficiaries of the Microsoft Windows system, graphical user interface presents an endless stream of changes. In the face of these colorful, emotional and rational graphical interface design, icon elements undoubtedly play a role that can not be ignored, want to explore with everyone in the next icon of the micro-world. First, start with the semiology. What is semiotics? along with...

Why English is taller than Chinese

This is a senior Advertiser + Teacher's portrait of dry goods, hope can give you help, case one: when we see the above T-shirt in Chinese, our brain will immediately make the following series of reactions: 1. What is it?   (graphic or text)   2. What is the basic content described in the text?   3. What is the specific extension described in the text? Even if we do not know what the designer intended to write in Chinese at the time of design, but we should note that all (please note that I am talking about all ...).

Android vs iPhone icon design guide

Before researching the icon design for Android, it's important to understand how the Android interface fits into a variety of screens. Adaptability As mentioned in a blog post, because the same UI element (such as a 100 × 100 pixel image) looks smaller on a high-precision screen than on a low-precision screen, in order for both screens The picture looks similar effect, you can use the following two methods: The program will scale the picture, but the effect is poor. Provide a picture for each of the two precision screens. But the parameters of the screen are varied for each ...

How to draw a graphic using HTML5 's canvas graphic elements

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall HTML5 is the latest standard of HTML." When I write this article, HTML5 is still actively developing. In addition to providing new label information, HTML5 also includes a new application programming interface (API) that enables us to provide more multimedia and interactive work on our web pages ...

Want to promote their own website, 10 excellent website design experience

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall a well-designed web page should be read by an Internet-enabled multimedia computer or a browser installed on a low-end computer that still uses a slow modem connection.   However, many new Web site designers are not very knowledgeable about how to keep these HTML files in good compatibility. Of course, there are too many uncertainties affecting the final presentation of the page. First of all, the computer's display has different resolution and display quality, second, running a variety of operating systems, ...

Graphic commentary tpower x58/x58a motherboard build RAID Full process

Tpower X58 Motherboard: Support for Intel Core i7 http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/38398.html >extreme/core i7 45nm 1366 Architecture Processor Intel X58/ICH10R chipset 12-phase power supply circuit design supports ddr3-1866 (OC)/1600 (OC)/1333 memory 6 memory slots, maximum support 24 ...

The Chinese company is located in this not tall building 8th

Along the Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Garden-Tech Park, across a small bridge, the recent resurrection of the former film Empire Kodak Company, its Chinese companies are located in the front of the building in this not tall 8th.   November 11, out of the 18-month bankruptcy protection period Kodak, returned to the NYSE listing, the stock trading code from the original Ekod to KODK, once fallen yellow giant comeback. But now Kodak is no longer the people remember that the outer packaging of yellow color film Kodak, main to provide graphic printing technology and services.

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