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CNNIC Secrets Chinese Top-class domain name hard to process

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "who is Cnnic?"   November 25, 2008, University Grammar College junior Zhang sitting in the dormitory computer table bored in the online browsing news, suddenly an MSN friend asked her "Who is Cnnic?", she didn't want to reply said "do not know." Yes, when the vast number of people from Cnnic released the latest report that the total number of Chinese Internet users broke 253 million, leaped into the world first, when many netizens enter domain name landing Internet access to information ...

Microsoft's self-proclaimed "internet prosecutor" holds the power to kill the domain name business October 20 News, as a veteran technology giants, Microsoft's position in the global scientific and technological world is important, but little known is that Microsoft also has some Internet management rights, it even for the domain name service providers also have the power to kill. Foreign branch domain name City ( October 20 news, as a veteran technology giants, Microsoft in the global scientific and technological position is important, but little known is that Microsoft also has some Internet management rights, it even for the domain name service providers also have "life and death power ..."

Hardship and Glory: ". China "domain name 10 grinding Sword

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology hall by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on behalf of China submitted by Jane, traditional ". China" domain name international application has been reviewed by the Internet name and number distribution Agency (ICANN). This means that the domain Name system that was born in 1983, after being dominated by the English language for 27 years, finally officially ushered in the era of multilingual domain names, including Chinese. In the next few months, billions of Chinese netizens will be able to access the Internet directly using simplified or traditional ". China" domain names. For this day's ...

New top-level domain application countdown China million network revealed that has been in several companies to apply for

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the new top-level domain application channel officially opened, the world's many brand enterprises and institutions quickly launched the action. Data from the website of the Internet name and digital address distribution Agency (ICANN) show that as of March 5, the number of users registered for the new top-level domain Application system reached 207, while each registered user could apply for no more than 50 new top-level domains. Distance from the March 29 application channel shutdown time is running out, the industry generally believe that the new round of domain name Asset Scramble has been playing ...

25 anniversary of the birth of the. com domain name: 53 billion times a day

The first. com domain name was born 25 years of guidance: foreign media today,  This paper reviews the history of the 25 years of the birth of the. com domain name, and forecasts its future prospects, and currently the VeriSign company, which is responsible for managing the. com domain name, receives about 53 billion applications a day, equivalent to the annual number of 1995.  The following is the full text of the article: March 15, the Internet ushered in a historic moment: the world's first. com domain name 25 anniversary of the birth. March 1985, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

From the Internet to the national network: the right to be forgotten and not

October 31, 2006, a 18-year-old girl called Nikki Catsouras driving her father's sports car, one hit the Orange Co. one side of the toll station, the toll station concrete production, very hard, Catsouras moment beheaded.   The California Highway Patrol was quick to protect the scene and take photos for evidence, given that the death was too bloody, and the local coroner did not even allow her parents to come and see her on the last side. "About two weeks after the accident, I got a call from my brother-in-law," Nikki's father ...

Network MLM Ban and not: report evidence and investigation are problems

Summary: The report is difficult! Forensics is difficult! MLM website Why prohibit and not one months to find two people to join, a year after at least 500,000 yuan of monthly income! Buy 1000 back 1000, flowers 10,000 to do the website of E-commerce, playing with such a tempting advertisement propaganda report difficult! Forensics is difficult! Why the MLM website banned and not "one months to find two people to join, a year after at least 500,000 yuan of monthly income!" Buy 1000 return 1000, spend 10,000 to 10,000 "... A group of self-proclaimed "do E-commerce" website, playing with such tempting advertising hype, but who knows these sites have ...

Entrepreneurship, always a never-ending topic

Today's bigwigs in the Internet industry are also "reeling" business start-up period. When starting a business, the bigwigs have also gone through hardships, but also to give up the heart of the dark, below we take a look at Chinese and foreign Internet bigwigs young entrepreneurship, to see how they successfully persevered? Ma: Even 24 people all the opposition I also want to do in 1995, Ma did not make much translation of social money, but by virtue of superb ability to bring their own no small reputation. A Chinese company that contracted construction projects with the United States recruited Ma for translation into the United States. Everything goes on like Hollywood ...

Round Table: Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share

Passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneur experience wisdom to share news and information 2013 China Internet entrepreneur Conference May 11 in Beijing. The theme of this session, "embracing the mobile internet in a comprehensive way", includes nearly 50 high-end guest speeches and round-table forums.   News and science and technology to the General Assembly of the whole report. The following is "passion and pragmatic frontline entrepreneurs experience wisdom to share" forum record: Moderator: You are not a big old introduction, because time is short. The problem is very simple, the first question directly into this link, we today the General Assembly is a full embrace move ...

Grass-roots Highlights information review (1.10--1.23) recommended

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host Technology Hall · 2008, student stationmaster how to when? Blink of an eye, 2008 years.   Oneself become the so-called webmaster has been nearly 1 years, think back to the past just to do the station, for a top-level domain and sad, to get a free space and everywhere to apply for dozens of IP and ecstatic, now the small station finally grow up, the monthly income just enough living expenses! • What can be done in the ADMIN5 forum? 1. Promote your own website.

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