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iSQL*Plus is a product independent of Enterprise Manager. The iSQL*Plus user interface runs in a web browser connected to the Internet or your intranet. iSQL*Plus enables you to use a web browser to connect to an Oracle database and perform the same actions as you would through the command line version of SQL*Plus (known as SQL*Plus in this guide). You can use iSQL*Plus to write SQL*Plus, SQL and PL/SQL commands to:

Enter, edit, run and save SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks.

Calculate, and print query results.

You can use the iSQL*Plus Workspace to write, load, save and execute scripts. You can enter scripts as you would in command line SQL*Plus. The script output can be displayed in the Workspace screen or saved to a file on your client machine.

The iSQL *Plus application can be used by two types of users; a database user with NORMAL role and a WebDBA user. For security reasons, if you want to connect as SYSOPER or SYSDBA, you must create and configure a WebDBA user that is HTTP authenticated.

Configuring iSQL *Plus

If you receive an error message page after you click the iSQL *Plus link on the Database Home page, you should check the following:
Is iSQL *Plus configured properly?
For Grid Control, iSQL*Plus will not be shipped with the OMS (Oracle Management Server). So iSQL *Plus needs to be manually configured to point to any running 10G iSQL *Plus server. All the target databases discovered in this Grid Control application will use this iSQL *Plus server for their queries.

For Database Control, the iSQL *Plus installation will automatically configure to use the iSQL *Plus server shipping with this target.

To configure iSQL *Plus, two entries in the $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config/ file on the OMS (Oracle Management Server) machine needs to be populated by replacing the following placeholders: replace %ISQLPLUS_PROTOCOL%, %ISQLPLUS_HOST% and %ISQLPLUS_PORT% with the protocol, the host and the port of the iSql *Plus server you want to use.

For a database user with NORMAL role:

For a database user with SYSOPER and SYSDBA role (requires additional setup for iSQL *Plus DBA access):

For example:



For RAC applications, the file for all nodes of the cluster must also have these two entries configured.

After configuring the entries, the OMS needs to be restarted to pick up the change.
Is iSQL *Plus running?
If iSQL *Plus is not started, you may start iSQL *Plus using the command:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/isqlplusctl start
Is iSQL* Plus DBA Access Set up?
If iSQL* Plus is configured properly, the iSQL *Plus Connection Role page prompts you to select the role you want to use to connect to iSQL *Plus -- Normal, SYSOPER (WebDBA) or SYSDBA (WebDBA).

To connect as SYSOPER or SYSDBA, the WebDBA user must be set up and authenticated using the Oracle JAAS Provider, known as JAZN (Java AuthoriZationN). This is Oracle's implementation of the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS). When iSQL *Plus WebDBA URL is invoked, you must enter a valid JAZN username and password in a dialog to gain access to the iSQL*Plus DBA URL. This username and password may be different to the username and password for your Oracle database instance.

For instructions on how to set up access to iSQL*Plus DBA URL, see the SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference.

For more information about the jaznadmin setup, see the iSQL*Plus Installation and Configuration guide or go to:


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