SQL Server中的模式比對

Author: David Euler
Date: 2004/11/17
Email: de_euler-david@yahoo.com.cn

SQL Server Books Online上面搜尋like,找到了包含%,_,[],[^]幾個萬用字元。
如:select * from mybbs where Content like '[w]%'
SQL Server Books中的部分解釋如下:
Pattern Matching in Search Conditions
The LIKE keyword uses a regular expression to contain the pattern that the values are matched against. The pattern contains the character string to search for, which can contain any combination of four wildcards.
WildcardMeaning%Any string of zero or more characters._Any single character.[ ]Any single character within the specified range (for example, [a-f]) or set (for example, [abcdef]).[^]Any single character not within the specified range (for example, [^a - f]) or set (for example, [^abcdef]).

Enclose the wildcard(s) and the character string in single quotation marks, for example: LIKE '%en%' searches for all strings that contain the letters en anywhere in the string (Bennet, Green, McBadden).
LIKE '_heryl' searches for all six-letter names ending with the letters heryl (Cheryl, Sheryl).
LIKE '[CK]ars[eo]n' searches for Carsen, Karsen, Carson, and Karson (Carson).
LIKE '[M-Z]inger' searches for all names ending with the letters inger that begin with any single letter from M through Z (Ringer).
LIKE 'M[^c]%' searches for all names beginning with the letter M that do not have the letter c as the second letter (MacFeather).
This query finds all phone numbers in the authors table that have area code 415:

SELECT phoneFROM pubs.dbo.authorsWHERE phone LIKE '415%'


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