visual|區別 From MSDN:
A = Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect Edition  
D = Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Developer Edition  
P = Visual Studio .NET Professional Edition   


1. Build .NET-based Applications(3個版本相同)
A D P   a) XML Web services
A D P   b) Windows Forms
A D P   c) Web Forms
A D P   d) Mobile Web Forms
A D P   e) Pocket PC and Windows CE .NET–based applications
A D P   f) .NET Framework and the Common Language Runtime
A D P   g) Visual Basic .NET Upgrade Wizard

2. Choose from Powerful and Productive Languages(3個版本相同)
A D P   a) Visual Basic .NET
A D P   b) Visual C# .NET
A D P   c) Visual C++ .NET
A D P   d) vVisual J# .NET*
A D P   e) Built-in support for additional programming languages

3. Leverage a Single Unified Integrated Development Environment(3個版本相同)
A D P   a) Shared Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE)
A D P   b) RAD for the server
A D P   c) Visual Studio .NET Debugger
A D P   d) Dynamic Help
A D P   e) Task List
A D P   f) HTML Designer

4. Create Powerful Database Applications
A D     a) Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2000
         Note: Use the complete database and analysis offering to rapidly  
         deliver the next generation of scalable e-commerce, line-of-business,
         and data  warehousing solutions.
A D P   b) Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)  
A D P   c) Visual Database Tools
A       d) Microsoft Visio?–based database modeling
         Note: Capture and communicate business requirements clearly with
         conceptual,logical, and physical database modeling tools.
A D P   e) XML Designer

5. Enterprise Life-cycle Tools
A D     a) Microsoft Visual SourceSafe? 6.0c
         Note: Provide a collaborative, team development environment with  
         version control for source code, components, applications,  
         and design documents.
A D     b) Application Center Test
         Note: Perform functional, performance, and load testing of XML Web  
         services and  applications. Easily automate tests to run regression
A       c) Visio-based UML application modeling
          Note: Model application architecture and functionality visually, and  
          clearly communicate requirements with the development team.0m
A       d) Enterprise template project type
          Note: Share best practices and provide architectural guidance across  
          the development team with the new Enterprise template project type.37;40m
A D     e) Enterprise templates and frameworks
          Note: Take advantage of application templates to jump-start  
          development and access best practices built-in with XML-based  
          Template Description Language.

A D     f) Microsoft .NET–based reference applications
          Note: Learn how to design and structure .NET-based applications with  
          end-to-end reference applications, including design documents,  
          models, and code.

A D     g) Visual Studio Analyzer
          Note: Locate performance bottlenecks visually in distributed COM  

6. Server Technologies: Full Versions, Licensed for Development and Test Only
A D     a)Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SQL Server 2000,  
          Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Host Integration Server,  
          Microsoft Exchange Server
A       b)Microsoft BizTalk? Server
          Note:Build distributed business processes that integrate applications
          and partners, as well as quickly establish reliable, secure trading  
          relationships with customers and partners over the Web.


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