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ALIYUN::VPC::RouterInterface - Resource Orchestration Service Documentation
VRouter RouterInterface with a peer on a VBR. The source IP address must be in the VPC of the local VRouter and is not used ...
Step 2: Configure the SAG device (device 1) and its peer switches - Smart Access Gateway Documentation
how to configure the routes of Smart Access Gateway (SAG) device (known as device 1 in this topic) and its peer ...
VPC Access - Function Compute Documentation
provide VPC-specific configuration information that includes VPC ID, vswitch IDs and security group ID. Function Compute will peer ...
ALIYUN::VPC::PeeringRouterInterfaceBinding - Resource Orchestration Service Documentation
The ALIYUN::VPC::PeeringRouterInterfaceBinding type is used to bind two router interfaces to be interconnected. Syntax " ...
How to migrate services from a classic network to VPC? Forums
Background We plan to migrate the services gradually to Alibaba Cloud VPC network environment to enhance the isolation between ...
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