0 2 as simplified fraction

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Infinite Loop Fractional fraction,

Repeating decimal is divided into two categories: mixed repeating decimal and pure repeating decimal. Mixed repeating decimal can be *10^n (n is the non-cyclic number of digits after the decimal point), so repeating decimal to fractions can

Protocol in objective-C

Protocol in objective-C is the same as the interface in Java and the pure virtual class in C ++. Essentially, protocol is used for a communication protocol to be followed by a class, in this sense, The objective-C protocol may be more appropriate. 1

The story of 0

1, 0 of the role(1), placeholderIn the case of a decimal number of 2503, 0 of it means "no" for 10 bits. Although said "no", but this 0 can not be omitted. Because if you omit 0 and write 253, it becomes a different number.In the bitwise counting

Hdu 1717 decimal score 2

Cyclic decimal fraction ① pure cyclic decimal fraction, the numerator is the number of digits in a circular section, the number of the denominator is 9, and the number of 9 is equal to the number of The number of the cycle section, which can be an

Java Memory Recycling (2)--garbage collection algorithm

If you haven't seen your first friend, please step: Java Memory Recycling (1)-Java garbage collection mechanism  Any garbage collection algorithm must do two things. First, it must detect the garbage object. Second, it must reclaim the heap

High-imitation QQ personality card

In the middle of the round head and Halo waveform explanation please see: http://blog.csdn.net/cj_286/article/details/52839036The surrounding bubble layout, because the layout ratiolayout is inherited from the ViewGroup, so layout layouts can be

HDU 4043 fxtz II (combined mathematics-permutation and combination)

Fxtz II Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/others) memory limit: 32768/32768 K (Java/others) total submission (s): 498 accepted submission (s): 266 Problem descriptioncirno is playing a fighting game called "fxtz" with sanae. Sanae is a chushou (master)

Tcpmp0.72rc1 compilation and transplantation and complete UI Method

1. compile. For compilation, I reference other people's articles. I have tried it and it is indeed feasible. As follows: Development Environment: Windows XP SP2 + evc4.0 (SP4)Target Platform: Windows ce5.0 (armv4) 1. To download the source code, go

Android Imitation QQ round head personality business card _android

First look at the effect chart: In the middle of the circular head and Halo wave explanation please see: http://www.jb51.net/article/96508.htmThe surrounding bubble layout, because the layout ratiolayout is inherited from ViewGroup, so the layout

Eight reasons for adopting the no-proxy terminal security protection technology

Anyone familiar with terminal security knows that terminal security management is a time-consuming and laborious task. terminals are widely distributed, diverse, and difficult to control. Traditional terminal security protection methods need to

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