00 hash

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Hash table and perfect hash

We know thatDirect addressing)To access any element in the array within the O (1) time. Therefore, if the bucket permits, an array can be provided to reserve a location for each possible keyword, and direct addressing technology can be applied. Hash

Hash table and Perfect hash

We know that any element in an array can be accessed within an O (1) time by direct addressing via an array (directly addressing). Therefore, if the storage space allows, you can provide an array, for each possible keyword to maintain a location,

Test the data structure-Part 2: queue, stack, and hash table

Test the data structure-Part 2: queue, stack, and hash table Original article:Part 2: The Queue, Stack, and HashtableBenThis article is the second part of the "Data Structure" series. It examines the three most researched data

Windows Hash and cracking

Windows Hash and cracking   Overview 1.1 hash Hash is usually translated as "Hash", which is also directly translated as "Hash", that is, input of any length (also called pre- ing, pre-image ), the hash algorithm is used to convert an output with a

Hash hash length extended attack parsing (record it, promise not to forget)

CauseThis is a topic on the ISCC, copied PCTF, and gave a simplification. After passing through the simplified way, it suddenly occurred to me to use the hash length extension attack to conduct customs clearance. Hash length extension attack is a

Hash tables and methods of dealing with conflicts

One. Basic concepts of hash functions and hash conflicts 1. Hash function: Hash method is also called hashing method, hash method and keyword address calculation method, etc., the corresponding tables become hash table. Basic idea: First, establish

Connections between Oracle Tables-----> Hash joins (hash join)

Hash joins (hash join) is a table join method in which two tables rely primarily on hashing to obtain a concatenated result set when making a table connection.For a sort merge connection, if the result set of the two tables is large and needs to be

"Reprint" Network Attack Technology (III)--denial of Service & hash Related & PHP language & Java language

Found the original of this seriesHttp://www.cnblogs.com/rush/archive/2012/02/05/2339037.htmlRecently, network security has become a focal point, in addition to the security events of plaintext passwords in China, there is one more thing that affects

Analyze a cross-platform DDOS botnet

Some LINUX malware samples related to DNS amplification attacks have been learned from the recent post "malware must die. I am very interested in linux malware research, and this is very special, because he has a DDOS attack module, so I want to

Linux boot Error

Linux boot errors-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following section. . An error is reported when using the CF card. Inux version (guodemo @ hgsa) (gcc

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