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A tutorial on writing a simple Tetris game in Python _python

Tetris game, the use of Python implementation, a total of 350+ line of code, the realization of the basic functions of Tetris game, while will record the time spent, eliminate the total number of points, and also includes a list, you can view the hig

A tutorial on using Python to write a simple Tetris game

Tetris game, the use of Python implementation, a total of 350+ lines of code, the implementation of the basic functions of Tetris game, but also recorded the time spent, the total number of rows eliminated, the overall score, including a leaderboard,

Python judge, get a picture of 2 instances of the main hue _python

Python determines the primary hue of a picture, a single color: Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/env python #-*-Coding:utf-8-*- Import ColorsysFrom PIL import ImageImport Optparse def get_dominant_color (image):"""Find a PIL im

Python judges and gets 2 instances of a picture's main hue

Python to determine the main color of the picture, individual colors: The code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/env python#-*-Coding:utf-8-*- Import ColorsysFrom PIL import ImageImport Optparse def get_dominant_color (image):"""Find a PIL image ' s

Python Operations Office

Label:Http://www.cnblogs.com/youxin/p/3548647.html?utm_source=tuicool&utm_medium=referralFirst introduced the next Office Win32 COM interface, this is the MS for automation to provide the operation interface, for example, we open a Word document,

Python Learning GUI

Tags: learning python guiButton's Build:Import Tkinter as TKWINDOW=TK. Tk () def buttonclick (): print "beep!" Button=tk. Button (window,text= "Click me!", Command=buttonclick) Button.pack () Window.mainloop ()The same way change the method to the

Python learning Essay (c) _ String

Tags: pre efficiency typesetting accuracy needs to represent ternary magedu * * *String * * *is an ordered sequence of characters, a collection of characters.Use single quotes, double-direction quotes, and three-quote-quoted character sequences

Python Tkinter each control property in full

Label:1.Button button. Similar tags, but provides additional features such as mouse over, press, release, and keyboard actions/Events2.Canvas Canvas. Provides drawing functionality (lines, ellipses, polygons, rectangles), which can contain graphics

Python implementation of Linux command Xxd-i function introduction

I. Linux xxd-i features The Linux system xxd command displays the file contents in binary or hexadecimal format. If the outfile parameter is not specified, the result is displayed on the terminal screen, otherwise it is output to outfile. For

Using Python to implement color space conversion program based on Tkinter

Label:Mainly based on the Colorsys implementation, the example is from HLS to RGB, if you want to change the color space very easy only need to change a functionScale and canvas components are usedThe code is as follows:from Tkinter import *import

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