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VBulletin rce 0day Analysis

VBulletin rce 0day Analysis VBulletin is a leading foreign Forum program, which is generally called VBB in China. It is developed based on PHP + mySQL. vBulletin is a commercial software and is paid.VBulletin allows remote upload of files through

Spring MVC Controller and jquery Ajax request processing JSON

When writing an application with spring MVC, we found that the "JSON array object" parameter of jquery was not received in the background, the processing of multiple orders, the AJAX request:varcmd = {orders:[{"storeId":"0a1","Address":"2nd West

"Flume" Flume in sink to HDFs, file system frequently produce files, file scrolling configuration does not work?

I am testing HDFs sink, found that the sink side of the file scrolling configuration items do not play any role, configured as follows:a1.sinks.k1.type=hdfsa1.sinks.k1.channel=c1a1.sinks.k1.hdfs.uselocaltimestamp=truea1.sinks.k1.hdfs.path=hdfs:/ /192

Write a PHP small script-assisted penetration test

Because of an injection to crawl some data, and then write a small script, can write scripts to assist infiltration, is also considered a milestone. Ha ha hahaPHP$num= 1; while($num) {$web _url=

Uploading data to hive via Flume

Target: store in the Hive database by accepting HTTP request information for Port 1084,Osgiweb2.db the name of the database created for hivePeriodic_report5 for the Created data table,The flume configuration is as follows:a1.sources=R1 a1.channels=

Common cluster configuration cases of Flume data acquisition

[TOC]Non-clustered configurationThis situation is not cluster configuration, relatively simple, you can directly refer to my collation of the "Flume notes", the basic structure of the following:Flume multiple agents of a cluster a source structure

Flume reading data from the Kafka

A1.sources =r1a1.sinks=K1a1.channels=C1 #使用内置kafka Sourcea1.sources.r1.type=Org.apache.flume.source.kafka.kafkasource#kafka Connected Zookeepera1.sources.r1.zookeeperConnect= localhost:2181A1.sources.r1.topic= kkt-test-topica1.sources.r1.batchSize= -

A set of test solutions including WAF for bypassing the anti-Injection System

Original address: http://bbs.10hst.com/viewthread.php? Tid = 39 & extra = page % 3D1====== Bypass the anti-injection system, including the test code of WAF ======Solution 1: Replace the space in the test code with/**/or + (Note:/**/and + do not

"uva12093" Protecting Zonk (tree-shaped DP)

Test instructionsGiven a non-root tree with n nodes, there are two devices A and B, each of which has an infinite number. The use of a device at a node x requires the cost of C1, and the edges that are connected to node X are overwritten at this

Fjnu 1153 fat brother and xor (fat Brother with different or)

Fjnu 1153 fat brother and xor (fat Brother with different or)Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:257792k "Description" "Title description" Fat brother had master ACM, recently he began to study the operation of XOR (the

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