0f hex to decimal

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Use the hexdump command

The hexdump command is a tool for printing hexadecimal data in Linux. It can output hexadecimal data in the specified format. It is particularly useful. It is out of order to use it with the EEPROM. Today we will introduce the use of an hexdump

Use Python to compute IP, TCP, UDP checksum

1.1 Calculation of IP checksumIP check is for the IP header, that is, only the IP header, and for the IP data part of the verification, the corresponding four times the agreement to ensure that the IP head of the test and the field is 16bit.The

[Reprint:] Fortran binary file read/write

Some friends are always consulted about binary file read-write and conversion. Here is my own understanding to say.a). Generic problem binaries are fundamentally different from the way we typically store text files. This difference is difficult to

Android OpenGL ES concise development tutorial 05

The square shown in the previous example is white, which is not very attractive. This article describes how to add colors to mesh. OpenGL ES uses color as the well-known rgba mode (red, green, blue, transparency ). The definition of color usually

Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools

Antpower All Rights Reserved 2003 Technical Articles Http://www.antpower.org 1st pages 14 pages Antpower-Technical article Introduction to three common IP packet sending tools Lang Guojun, an ambitious member of

When PHP formats numbers, pay attention to the range of numbers _php tips

Constructing SQL statements is compared to Copy Code code as follows: $sql = ' SELECT * From Sdb_comments WHERE goods_id = '. Intval ($goods _id). ' and for_comment_id is NULL and object_type = ". $item." and disabled=

Hex color data for iOS development converted to Uicolor object

1. If the color string data returned from the server isHexcolor: "B57A"Hexcolor is divided into three parts: 09, B5, 7A respectively corresponding to the tri-color value R, G, B Hexadecimal Decimal 00 0

(go) How to cancel the ^m symbol displayed under Linux, VI

Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/dkblog/archive/2012/02/03/2337187.html"Background knowledge"^m is the ' \ R ' in ASCII, and the carriage return is 16 binary 0x0d,8 015, decimal 13.For this action, UNIX generally has only one 0x0a to

Dbgprint format output

Dbgprint output1) Print the string directly.Dbgprint ("Hello world!");2) null-terminated string, you can use normal C syntax to represent string constantsChar variable_string[] = "Hello World";Dbgprint ("%s", variable_string);3) empty end of wide

Fundamentals of Java Programming (i)

Fundamentals of Java Programming (i)1. Java Basic Syntax1.1 Java Basic formatModifier Class class Name {Program code} Java is strictly case-sensitive, such as the class keyword cannot be written as class, and the Java compiler will not

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