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Kernel Linux0.00 analysis for multi-tasking

Recently we have finally debugged the multi-tasking microkernel, and we have explained how to switch tasks in protected mode. Knowledge includes: GDT,IDT,LDT,TSS, clock Interrupt service, privilege level switching, memory programming, boot and

Example of dealing with a ora600[4194 in Oracle]

SceneThe database throws the following error at startup Ora-00604:error occurred at recursive SQL level 1Ora-00607:internal error occurred while making a change to a data blockOra-00600:internal error code, arguments: [4194], [7], [7], [], [], [], [

C # rewrite WndProc intercept send system messages + Windows message constant value

C # rewrite WndProc intercept send system messages + Windows message constant value (1)#region Intercept messagesIntercept message processing XP does not shutdown problemprotected override void WndProc (ref message message){Switch (message.

Win32API Common messages

Win32API Common messages Win32 messages are roughly divided into 3 different functions.More than 10 years ago online chat: Who are you? What do you do for a job? Do you have a boyfriend? (No telework) 1 Under what

IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum and Calculation

The Checksum algorithm of the grouping header is the inverse code after 16-bit accumulation and UDP data headers also use the same validation algorithm, but the data involved in the calculation is different from the IP grouping header. The structure

Description of the waveformatex Structure

In audio codecIn the waveformatex structure, the initial PCM data is not compressed. Therefore, the cbsize in this structure is 0. For other audio formats, this indicates the size of additional information, used for decoding and encoding. The format

Get Windows message name (including VCL message)-1

Messagetypenames is partially defined based on winuser. h and collected online.   Static const char * const messagetypenames [wm_user + 1] ={"Wm_null", // 0x0000"Wm_create", // 0x0001"Wm_destroy", // 0x0002"Wm_move", // 0x0003"Wm_sizewait", // 0x0004

Summary of kernel construction of SKB data packets

I. IPv4, TCP, and UDP checksum and Calculation Checksum is the redundant domain used by the network protocol to identify transmission errors. Some checksum not only detects errors, but also automatically fixes some types of errors. The idea of

General steps for serial port settings

1) serial clock enabling and gpio clock enabling 2) Serial Port Reset 3) gpio port Mode settings 4) serial port parameter initialization 5) Enable interrupt and initialize interrupt C (this step is required if interrupt is enabled) 6) Enable serial

Sizeof byte alignment

(1) starting address of each member % alignment value of each member = 0. If the value is not equal to 0, the byte is null until the expression is true;(2) The overall length of a struct must be an integer multiple of its own alignment values. If it

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