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ASM Basics-Using NASM for assembly (Basic)

NASM differs from the MASM of VS, such as the NASM source program can have only instructions, without the need for segment distribution, main functions and so on. Here is an example: mov eax, 0 inc eaxCompile with NASM: A test.bin is generated

Python: an example of how to convert a Gregorian calendar to a lunar calendar.

Python: an example of how to convert a Gregorian calendar to a lunar calendar. This article describes how to convert a calendar from a Gregorian calendar to a lunar calendar in Python. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are

Conversion-uC/OS Task Scheduling

I. kernel Overview:In a multi-task system, the kernel is responsible for managing tasks, or allocating CPU time for each task, and communicating between tasks. The basic service provided by the kernel is task switching. The use of the Real-Time

C + + binary Flip Case Analysis _c language

This article describes the C + + binary Flip method, the commonly used several solutions listed for everyone to compare the choice. Specifically as follows: Let's take a look at a relatively clumsy algorithm: #include using namespace std;

Introduction to the uCOS-II Task readiness table

I have never understood the meaning of these two programs, especially the second one:Osrdygrp | = osmaptbl [PRIO> 3]; (1) osrdytbl [PRIO> 3] | = osmaptbl [PRIO & 0x07]; (2) I always thought, osrdygrp represents rows, and osrdytbl represents columns.

Oracle block format

Information Reference: http://www.ixora.com.au/ I am particularly grateful to my eldest brother overtime for his selfless help and encouragement to my netizens. These materials are not supported by oracle, so we cannot guarantee the correctness of

C # implements network transfer data encryption

1. Block passwordThe block cipher is the grouping of the number sequence divided into n after the plaintext message is encoded, and each group is transformed and output by the function of the key, which is the cipher text. Encrypt one data group at

H264 i/p/b Frame Type Judging __ Streaming media

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/zhuweigangzwg/article/details/44152239 Here is the first description of the structure of the H264: 01/00 01->nal (1bytes)->slice-> macro block-> motion estimation vector. If a prefix appears in the body of H264, it

PHP encryption is decrypted by JavaScript example

PHP Cryptographic functions   code is as follows copy code &NBSP Function Strencode ($string) {     $string = Base64_encode ($string);      $key = MD5 (' Just a test ');     $len = strlen ($key);     $code = ';

Digital TV business psi/Si Learning Series)

  Principle of MPEG-2 SystemChapter 1 MPEG-2 OverviewWhat is MPEG and MPEG-2?MPEG is short for Moving Picture Experts Group. MPEG-2 is a digital video compression specification designed by MPEG and ISO organizations. It is mainly used on DVDs and

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