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How to handle unexpected file termination with ASCII code 0x1a

In Windows, when writing programs with file operations, you may encounter a strange phenomenon. In the process of reading a file in text format, the feof () function is unexpectedly true before the end of the file. This is surprising, and it is hard

Read file encountered 0x1a unexpected termination solution

In the integrated development environment of Windows (the problem exists in Qt, VC, vs), write about the file read C/E + + program, the occurrence of the unexpected termination when reading to 0X1A, after the debug check found that 0x1a after

MT6753 using nt35596s to solve the problem of flashing screen in the presence of liquid crystal polarization

Consulting Screen Factory FAE, if the problem of liquid crystal polarization, the following three scenarios are more prone to reproduce the phenomenon, please assist in the current fault machine to do stress testing:1. Repeated switching machine (100

In-depth exploration of Oracle rollback Mechanism

The undo mechanism is a clever feature of Oracle and one of the difficulties in learning oracle. Next we will learn more about it internally. Session 1: Scott user, initiates a transaction hr@ORCL> conn scott/oracleConnected.scott@ORCL> UPDATE emp

Code Analysis for connecting processes and ports under Win2K

Associating processes and ports is a very useful function. You can clearly know which programs are using which ports are helpful for trojan detection and removal. However, although we can use the task manager to browse the process list and use

bq25896 register in different situations

bq25896 Register for no charger[bq25890 [email protected]][0x0]=0x7f[0x1]=0x6[0x2]=0x91[0x3]=0x1a[0x4]=0x8[0x5]=0x11[0x6]=0x82[0x7]=0x9d[0x8]=0x9b[0x9]=0x44[0xa]=0x73[0xb]=0x2[0xc]=0x0[0xd]=0x93[0xe]=0x49[0xf]=0x48[0x10]=0x3e[0x11]=0x0[0x12]=0x0[0x13

MQTT-SN protocol Scrambled Message format

ObjectiveImmediately after the first introduction, this article is the second, the main carding MQTT-SN 1.2 protocol defined in the message format.Generic message Format message Header Other variable parts

System port viewing program

Technical points: 1. Use the ntquerysysteminforamtion function to obtain all the system handles and obtain the socket handles.2. Use the createconlhelp32snapshot function to obtain the system process snapshot and process details. Implementation

Go: Dujiangyan idea6410 developer note color 1

First: At the invitation of Shenzhen youjian technology, djyos should be transplanted to their idea6410 these days. Now we have released the SI version, which runs in single-chip mode. The powerful CPU such as runs the SI version and is used as a

xubuntu-14.04 error message during startup of the system

Seems to be the problem of wireless network card, temporarily do not affect the use of wireless network card after the boot can also be used normally.The hardware information is as follows:07:00.0 Ethernet controller:qualcomm Atheros QCA8171 Gigabit

Script for DVD Development _ Other

As if the inclusion of forms can not be published, only the first copy to the Notepad can be, so the format is lost, sorry This is also a long time ago, the wrong place also please forgive me. Hey, my book has not been published, put it here (the

Learn more about the 3rd part of the Ethernet virtual machine--the representation method of Dynamic Data type __ ether Square

This article is sponsored by the currency Community (bihu.com) content support program. Solidity provides data types that are common in other programming languages. In addition to simple value types such as numbers and structs, there are other data

Simple GDB case

To be added ... gdb a.out [inferior 1 (Process 9718) exited with code] (GDB) listline number is out of range; T.C has lines.       (GDB) List one #include2 char foo (char *s) 3 {4 char *c=s;5 return * (c+2); 6}7 int main () 8 {9Char arr[5]=

Experience after initial unit test

We often think that the code we write is okay and we don't need to test it. In the past, I thought that testing is a waste of time, so I didn't study it carefully. Recently, I was eager to try unit testing. Combining my previous programming

Understanding of the COM suite

For engineers engaged in COM component development, the concept of apartment is hard to understand, and Microsoft has very few explanations on this aspect. In the future, describe the concept of apartment. 1. Call Stack during com library

Port the vswitch to the vswitch

Document directory One of the transplantation diaries One of the transplantation diaries At the invitation of Shenzhen youjian technology, djyos should be transplanted to their idea6410 these days. Now we have released the SI version, which

Fread returns a value of 0 feof. The returned value is 16.

WriteProgramTo read from the binary file, but when I read 11396 bytes, fread returns 0, its feof (FP) = 16 Baidu Encyclopedia: Feof (FP) has two return values: if the file ends, the feof (FP) value of the function is a non-zero value; otherwise,

Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera test

Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera testFirst recognize the analog camera, I believe we are not unfamiliar,CCD Analog CameraCMOS analog cameraIt can be seen that the CCD camera circuit is more complex, the interface is few, and

A simple way to read and write binary files using Python

Overall, Python itself does not support binary, but it provides a module to compensate for it, which is the struct module. Python does not have a binary type, but it can store binary types of data, that is, using string string types to store

Python uses struct to process binary (pack and unpack usage)

Sometimes it is necessary to use Python to process binary data, for example, access to files, socket operation. At this point, you can use the Python struct module to do this. Structs can be used to manipulate structures in C. The three most

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