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PRM file Summary

1.PRMFile structure The PRM file consists of six components based on the different information contained. Here we only discuss the three components closely related to the memory space ing. Segments... End Define and divide all available memory

CVE-2015-0313: New Flash Exploit Analysis

CVE-2015-0313: New Flash Exploit Analysis OverviewFlash Player has recently reported many high-risk vulnerabilities, and The Flash program will usher in a wave of climax as it becomes increasingly popular.EnvironmentVulnerability:

U-boot-2014.10 port 18th days ---- add DM9000 Nic support (2), holiday schedule

U-boot-2014.10 port 18th days ---- add DM9000 Nic support (2), holiday scheduleModify code Accidentally deleted this blog, and the recycle bin did not save the draft. Now I can write it again! DM9000 itself also has a base address. This base address

Bootloader Detailed (reprint)

Reproduced, the source is unknown, the article is very good. One. bootloader Introduction Bootloader is the hardware in the power-on, in addition to the BIOS curing program to run the first software, responsible for loading the real operating system,

method and analysis of modifying start-up parameters in U-boot start-up stage

Author: Wai Bu This is not a complicated thing to start with, but to be simple and clear, I really don't know how to organize it. After all, words are different from sound language. I hope the simple things don't make me talk too complicated. ARM

Arm-Linux root file system network configuration summary

Arm-Linux root file system network configuration summary this article is divided into three points to record some network configuration tips for embedded Linux Root File: 1. configure static IP for the development board: autoeth0ifaceeth0inetdhcppre-

Arm-Linux root file system network configuration Summary

Arm-Linux root file system network configuration Summary This article is divided into three points to record some network configuration tips for Embedded Linux root file: 1. Configure static IP for the Development Board: set the auto eth0iface eth0

OR1200 instruction Cache Use example

The following excerpt from the "Step-by-step core-Soft core processor internal design analysis," a bookSpecial registers in the 12.4 icacheThe Icache interface indicates that it has a special register and is not readable, and the special registers

Dynamic linking and its partial implementation details

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. Directory (?) [+] first, the benefits of dynamic links Said the process of static link, referring to static link and dynamic link differences

GDB Debug Two Stack Overflow

A segment error often occurs in a Linux application that is caused by access to illegal memory, such as stack Overflow, array out-of-bounds access, and malloc/free memory. When a segment error occurs under Linux, a function call relationship is

C + + Compile link process detailed

Some people write C + + (the following is assumed to be C + +) program, unresolved external link or duplicated external simbol error message at a loss (because such an error message cannot be located to a row). or some parts of the language don't

Open-source video conference bigbluebutton development (1) -- initialize installation and configuration

Bigbluebutton is a distance education platform developed using ActionScript. Its main functions include speech, video lectures, desktop sharing, and online document presentation, such as PPT, word, and PDF, it also supports multi-language and text

Linux add a NIC address configuration and problems

How to restart slow network adapter serviceTurn it offService NetworkManager Stopchkconfig NetworkManager off   about NetworkManagerouter chain: http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-08/88809.htmViewCat/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rulesIf the

Linux Next card set multiple IP address __linux

Under Windows to a network card to set multiple IP, is relatively easy, today I wrote the content is about in Linux system, to a network card set up multiple IP address, under the Linux system, the first network card is called Eth0, the second card

Simulation experiment of locating process of EXT2 file file

Http://linux.chinaunix.net/techdoc/system/2008/09/19/1033277.shtml EXT2 file Localization Process simulation experiment (no theory version)Copyright:GnuAuthor Information:Alin Fang (Fang Yunlin)Msn:Cst05001@hotmail.comG

Go to] system startup-grub (1)

Grub overall analysis In general, we can regard GRUB as a micro-operating system with shell, script, and file system ...... We can regard stage1 and stage1.5 as a pilot program, while stage2 is an operating system, but this operating system is

How to modify the NIC after vmwarevm clones CentOS 6.5

How to modify the NIC after vmwarevm clones CentOS 6.5 After the CentOS6.5 system is installed on the vmwarevm, the pure system is cloned several times for later testing. The clone process is very simple. The problem after cloning is that the MAC

GDB debugging demonstration (very good)

As a built-in and most commonly used debugger, GDB is obviously irrefutable. Familiar with GDB is like all Linux developers suggest using vim, which is a "strange" plot. Source code for testing. #include int test(int a, int b){ int c = a + b;

Bind multiple IP addresses in linux

Binding multiple IP addresses in linux recently, sipP is used to bind multiple IP addresses to a single NIC. my system is Ubuntu12.04. the specific configuration is as follows: my system only has one Nic eth0, to bind multiple ip addresses to a

Monkey patches in the Go language

Many people think that monkey patches exist only in dynamic languages, such as Ruby and Python. But that's not right. Because the computer is just a stupid machine, we can always make it do what we want it to do! Let's see how the functions in Go

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