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Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603

Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603 After the server is upgraded to the system patch (360 installed), all. net websites cannot be opened and the system prompts"Failed to execute the request because the application domain cannot be created. Error: 0x80070002 the system cannot find the specified file .", However, php and asp are normal, so it is determined that the. net framework is broken. Search f

CAD VC + + Installation failed 1603 error

Problem descriptionWant to install a high version of CAD, can install error always error 1603. Specific performance isDESKTOP-F7K8C37???? Installing Microsoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable (x86): "E:\AutoCAD_2017_Simplified_Chinese_Win_64bit\3rdParty \x86\vcredist\2008sp1\vcredist_x86.exe "/qDESKTOP-F7K8C37???? Install???? Microsoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable (x86)???? Failed???? Installation aborted, result=1603How to SolveBaidu looked at so

[DLX precise coverage] HDU 1603 A puzzling problem

Test instructionsGive you n pieces of debris that cannot be rotated or folded.Ask if you can use some of these pieces to spell out 4*4 squares.Ideas:Cover the naked question exactly.The map is to see where each fragment can be placed in the 4*4, as a row.The column is 4*4=16, plus n fragments, which is 16+n.and pay attention to the established decision.Code:#include "stdio.h" #include "algorithm" #include "string.h" #include "iostream" #include "queue" #include "map" #include " Vector "#inclu

Poj 1603 risk

The shortest path. The first 19 rows are adjacent, undirected graphs, and the last query is the shortest. Floyd is the simplest. But I use spfa. In fact, it is to find the most short circuit, but there is no distance, but each time + 1. Note that the last line needs to output a blank line. Contribute to the release of PE. #include Poj 1603 risk

OFFICE2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do?

office2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do? at present, about office2013 installation failed to help very much, of which most netizens encountered office2013 installation failure will be prompted: Error code: 1603 or 1902 of the case. So what does the two error codes have to do with office2013 installation failures? In fact, these two error codes are prompted by the office2013 inst

Workaround for error 1603 when installing Silverlight

Do not know what situation, my Silverlight suddenly convulsions, can not use, had to reload try. But after reloading to 99%, it will be an error.Error code 1603, according to Microsoft's method is not resolved. Turn over Baidu, most of what modifies the registry, tried useless. Kung Fu, finally let me on MSDN to find an article on the foreigner, this error should be the authority of a problem, and It works!The steps are as follows:1, use the compressi

Silverlight installation failure prompt message ID 1603 workaround

Message id:1603 An error occurred during installation. Perform the following steps because you previously installed Silverlight, did not install successfully, or did not completely uninstall cleanly, leaving some files, especially when the installation suddenly interrupted when the problem occurs. Workaround: Remove the c:\windows\installer\{89f4137d-6c26-4a84-bdb8-2e5a4bb71e00} file and reinstall it. Then cmd runs reg delete HKMessage id:1603An error

WHU 1603--minimum Sum —————— "single element contribution, sliding window"

Problem 1603-minimum SumTime Limit: 2000MSMemory Limit: 65536KBTotal Submit: 623Accepted: 178Special Judge: nodescriptionThere is n numbers a[1], a[2] .... A[n], you can select m numbers of it a[b[1]], a[b[2] ... A[B[M] [1 Sum is sum of ABS (A[B[I]]-A[B[J]]) when 1 Inputthere is multiple test cases.First line of all case contains, integers n and M. (1 Next line contains n integers a[1], a[2] .... A[n]. (0 It's guaranteed that the sum of n isn't larger

Csuoj 1603 scheduling the final examination

1603:scheduling The final examinationTime limit:10 Sec Memory limit:128 MBsubmit:49 solved:15DescriptionFor the most of the university students,what they most want are that they can obtain points from the final examination o F every subject. Now, the final examination is coming. As an excellent programmer,you is asked for help. The full mark is a, and it is need greater than or equal to pass subjects. Given the description of every subject, you should

UVA 1603 Square Destroyer

u=0,s=state;for (int i=0;i{if ((Ssqu[i]) ==squ[i]){H+=1;S^=squ[i];if (u==0)U=squ[i];}}if (h==0){Flag=true;Return de;}if (De+h>bound)return de+h;int News=infs;for (int i=1;i{if (Uget2 (i)){int B=dfs (State^get2 (i), de+1);if (flag)return b;News=min (b,news);}}return news;}int main (){int t;scanf ("%d", t);while (t--){scanf ("%d", n);Build ();e=2*n* (n+1);int k;Long Long state= (long Long) 1scanf ("%d", k);for (int i=0;i{int x;scanf ("%d", x);State^=get2 (x);}Flag=false;Bound=0;while (!flag){Boun

Bzoj 1603 Usaco2008 Oct threshing machine DFS

Topic: Given a tree, each point is a gear, 1th gear clockwise rotation, each side has the same direction and reverse two connection modes, the rotation direction of n gearDFS once again#include #include #include #include #define M 1010using namespace STD;structabcd{intTo,f,next;} table[m1];intHead[m],tot;intN,F[M];voidADD (intXintYintz) {table[++tot].to=y; Table[tot].f=z; TABLE[TOT].NEXT=HEAD[X]; Head[x]=tot;}voidDFS (intXintFrom) {intI for(I=head[x];i;i=table[i].next)if(Table[i].to!=from)

What should I do if an error is reported during offline 1603/1902 installation? How can I solve this problem?

  1, installation time 1603 error Install Office2013, there is a setup error, whether the upgrade or uninstall clean after the new installation, are Dead or alive installed.   Workaround: ① Click "Start" to enter Services.msc in "Run"; ② Open "Services", find the Windows Event log this service item, start the service on it; ③ finally install Office2013, it should be one-time pass, installation success!   2, installation time 1902 error

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 for 1603 error resolution

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 today, there are 1603 errors, as if the components were wrong. Solution: Start-> run->services.msc-> find Windows Installer right click Set to start Equivalent to Right-click-> My Computer-> admin-> Service and application-> find Windows Installer right-click set to boot principle: Windows Installer is a software installation technology. The technology includes a Windows Installer server for 32-bit Win

installation of Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Returns a 1603 error

The server upgraded the system patch (360 installed) and found that all. NET Web sites could not be opened, prompting "the request could not be executed because the application domain could not be created. Error: The 0x80070002 system cannot find the file specified. ", but PHP and ASP are normal, so make sure the. NET Framework is broken.Search online answers are different, some of them are patches, some are not uninstalled clean. NET Framework caused, some are registry IE browser does not have

SQL SEVER Installation Error: Error code:0x80070643 (1603)

version:3.1.4000.4042Loaded Dll:c:\windows\system32\msi.dll version:3.1.4000.4042Complete:performsccaction2 AT:2016/7/13 10:9:37, returned trueRunning:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Complete:performdotnetcheck AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38, returned trueRunning:componentupdateaction AT:2016/7/13 10:9:38Error:action "Componentupdateaction" threw an exception during execution. Error Information reported during run:Error:cannot Read license fileComponent update returned a fatal error:1603Error code

Net Framework 2.0 MSI returned error code 1603 workaround

The reason for this situation, mainly with ghost to do the system, there are many systems to the internet to kidnap ie. The following is the display of the registry in Ghost's system, the above method can solve the problem of this Microsoft. NET Framework 3 is not installed.1. Click the "Start" button in the lower right corner of the desktop and click the "Run" button to enter "regedit" in the pop-up program input box.2. On the pop-up "Registry Editor" screen, selectHkey_local_machine\ Software\

Silverlight installation Prompt "1603" error resolution

Ghost version of the XP system has been prompted to install Silverlight when the "installation Failed" View details Message ID is "1603" Try it or not, according to the online solution. After installing the framework2.0 actually can, now write down the detailed steps 1. Uninstall installed Silverlight in Add removal program Although the prompt installation failed but a Silverlight is already present in the Add removal program and is not the same s

Poj 1603 Floyd

// Calculate the shortest path between all nodes # include # include using namespace STD; # define maxn 21int X, J; int N, A, B; int t; int Dist [maxn] [maxn]; void Floyd () {for (int K = 1; k Dist [I] [k] + dist [k] [J]) dist [I] [J] = DIST [I] [

A 1603 error message appears during Kaspersky installer

This is generally caused by WindowsInstaller error, first look at the Windows Installer service, generally inactive. If you try to enable it in a service, you sometimes find that it is disabled by the system and then started, prompting that "the

Huawei switch three-layer switch and two-layer switch joint configuration _ switch

1, now learn to sell, learn to use the 2. Environment description 1 Core Switch S5700 (Huawei) 2) access to switch S3700 (Huawei) 3. Request 1 different VLANs can not be accessed from each other, each VLAN can only belong to one department 2 The Department 12 terminals are configured as follows Terminal 1: Gateway is: Terminal 2: Gateway is: 3 The Department 22 terminals are configured as follows Terminal 1: Gateway

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