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64-bit multi-core MIPS exception and interrupt kernel code analysis (3)

64-bit multi-core MIPS exception and interrupt kernel code analysis (3)   Analysis of RMI xlr732tlb related processing functions 0. Background   The virtual address space in mips64 is divided:   The kernel space is xkphys and xkseg, and xkphys are

Termphp converts the results returned by the fileterms function into readable forms.

Term: termphp converts the result returned by the fileterms function into a readable form: Copy the code as follows: functionperms_str ($ perms) {if ($ perms & 0xC000) 0xC000) {Socket $ infos ;} elseif ($ perms & 0xA000) 0xA000) {SymbolicLink $ info

Value range of three custom messages

On csdn, we can see a discussion about custom messages:[Callback] The first method is to use wm_user to customize messages. This method is common and easy to know. The following five steps are taken:1. # After define wm_user_message wm_user + int (

PHP obtains the read and write permissions of files or folders.

Welcome to the Linux community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff. In this article, we will share a function that can obtain the server-side file or file read/write permissions. I hope it will help you. PHP function :? Phpfunctionfile_

How to add multiple ip addresses online in Linux

How to add multiple ip addresses online in a Linux system-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. To add multiple ip addresses online in Linux, you must first view the ip addresses. Linuxedu.net # ifconfig Eth0 Link encap:

Display file permission code in Unix/linux

The code is as follows Copy Code Description: Display file permissions in unix/linux formatFinishing:$perms = fileperms ('/etc/passwd ');if ($perms & 0xc000) = = 0xc000) {Socket$info = ' s ';} elseif (($perms & 0xa000) = = 0xa000)

Some summaries of ARM assembly instructions

ARM assembly instructions are many, but the real use is not a lot, but also need to seriously think about less. More useful is MOV B BL LDR STR or through the specific assembly code to learn it.       @ Disable Watch dog timer mov r1, #0x53000000/

Message values, managed strings, disturbing code, and others

Many C + + enthusiasts have been concerned about the many things in my recent column that have penetrated much of C #. I admit it! My only defense is that since the Microsoft®.net Framework has gained wide acceptance, sending me more and more

The implementation of efficient FIFO serial port dual-machine communication on arm7.

Two independent asynchronous serial I/O ports are provided for the UART unit of the high-efficiency FIFO serial port based on the implementation of b0x (clock frequency: 60 MHz) on the ARM7, each communication port can work in the interrupt or DMA

Message transmission in the message mechanism, subwindow, and parent window

1. What is a window? Msdn: In a graphical Win32-based application, a window is a rectangular area of the screen where the application Displays output and records es input from the user. therefore, one of the first tasks of a graphical Win32-based

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