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How to use Unicode encoding in Python2.x

This article describes how to use Unicode encoding in Python2.x. Unicode in Python3 is used as the default encoding, unicode in the Python2 version, which is still widely used, is a place to pay attention to during use. For more information, see

"API" Windows Hardware Device GUID serial number

/*++ BUILD version:0001//Increment This if a change has global effectscopyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Module Name:devguid.hAbstract:Defines GUIDs for device classes used in Plug & Play.--*/define_guid (guid_devclass_13 94, 0

The use of Unicode encoding in the detailed python2.x

I'm sure there are a lot of explanations for Unicode and python, but I'm going to write something about them to make it easier for me to understand. Byte stream vs Unicode Object Let's start by defining a string in Python. When you use the string

Go using Protobuffer Proto3

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1, get protobuf compiler Protoc, with C + + generic; can be downloaded to a binary file in git 2 . Get the protobuf compiler plugin provided by Goprotobuf Protoc-

How many bytes are used by Chinese Characters in UTF-8?

Of 2 bytes: 3 bytes: basically equivalent to GBK, containing more than 21000 Chinese Characters Four bytes: Chinese characters in the Chinese-Japanese character set, with more than 50 thousand characters One utf8 digit occupies 1 byte One utf8

Installation and use of GOPROTOBUF under Windows

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1. Installation Read a lot of tutorials on the Internet, all mentioned to install Protoc and protoc-gen-go, but after trying to install the PROTOC is not correct, the

Remote Stack Overflow in the window system-Practice

Remote Stack Overflow in the window system-Practice The following is a problematic Internet Service Program:/*************************************** *************************************//* Server. cpp by ipxodi*/ # Include # Include Char buff [1024]

How to use Python crawlers to crack JS-encrypted cookies

Preface a proxy pool project is maintained on GitHub. the proxy source is to capture some free proxy publishing websites. In the morning, a younger brother told me that a proxy crawling interface is unavailable and the returned status is 521. I ran

Custom draw split lines seen on the web

Self-plotting split line-(void) DrawRect: (cgrect) rect{ cgcontextref context = Uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); Cgcontextsetfillcolorwithcolor (context, [Uicolor Whitecolor]. Cgcolor); Cgcontextfillrect (context, rect);

IOS TableView Split Line height customization

1. The system comes with the form of centralized dividing line mytableview.separatorstyle=uitableviewcellseparatorstylenone; (This is to remove all split lines) can be set by this2. Also set the custom cell first by

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