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Android video to increase the time record (source changes)

Label:Need to do a function, video and playback are displayed when the recording time, reference article links can not find, sorry, here to record, to prevent the next time you cannot find. Another article about the source code recording process,

TS Header Parsing

TS Packet header parsing Allocation of table identifier value (TABLE_ID) Value Description 0X00 Program Association segment (PAT) 0x01 conditional receive segment (CAT) 0X02 Program Map segment (PMT) 0X03 Transport Stream Description segment 0x

Cable test, mobile Terminal program description

Tags: first one Lin Number data area array device sig occupancyOverall Features:1. The mobile app connects to the test device via Bluetooth.2. Sends a 48-byte hexadecimal number via Bluetooth.3. Receive 48-byte hexadecimal numbers via Bluetooth.4.

12,864-point Array LCD display

Label:Fundamentals of 1 system 12,864 point formation liquid crystal display12,864-point array graphic liquid crystal display application, one through C51 programming realizes to the LCD12864 LCD screen control, the liquid crystal display (LCD) has

Make a XBM picture

XBM XBM is a simple two-color image Bitmap format, used more in the early CGI, and is currently used on counter <?php SETXBM (1234567890,0); function SETXBM ($num, $mode =0) { Settype ($num, "string"); $mode = $mode 0xff:0x00; $int _width = strle

VC BASE64 encoding and decoding use of detailed _c language

BASE64 can be used to encode binary byte sequence data into text consisting of an ASCII character sequence. The complete BASE64 definition is visible RFC1421 and RFC2045. The encoded data is slightly longer than the original data, which is 4/3 of the

Adding SPI Resources on the Freescale Mx6q platform

Label:1: Configure PIN for SPI function At the end of the board-mx6q_sabresd.h, the copy is redefined (To add SPI2 as an example) [CPP]View Plaincopy <span style="FONT-SIZE:18PX;" > MX6Q_PAD_EIM_CS0__ECSPI2_SCLK, Mx6

SPI-driven porting and application testing under Linux __linux

The SPI-driven migration under Linux2.6.32 is shown in the following illustration: the following needs to modify some of the kernel code, the following actions: 1. Modify the arch/arm/mach-s3c2440/mach-mini2440.c file Add the following code afte

ARP Protocol (5) ARP Attack and protection

Tags: tcpip arp lanFirst, ARP attackWe first look at the function of ARP: The basic function of the ARP protocol is to use the IP address of the target device to query the MAC address of the target device to ensure the communication.The specific

SDL History: The Wizard of curriculum design

Finally a busy past a period of time, you can write a good summary, this week wrote a lot of SDL's small projects; Here's one by one sticking out: 1. Wizard Diagram problem /* predefine.h*/#ifndef __pre_define_h #define __PRE_DEFINE_H #include &l

51 8*8 dot-matrix display number

Tags: c c language dot matrix single chip microcomputer51 of the Code#include <reg51.h> #include <intrins.h> #define int8 unsigned char#define int16 unsigned int#define int32 unsigned long int8 code

Several ways to monitor file copy operations in Windows systems

Tags: API function sof State root Rcfile direct Win32 handle SHCHttp://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4596beaa0100lp4y.html1. IcopyhookRole: Monitor folder and printer movement, delete, rename, copy operations. You can get the source and destination file

Linux Network Programming--Raw socket instance: MAC address scanner

Tags: Linux network programming raw socketsif a ( sends a packet to B (, then the required conditions are the IP, port, and the Protocol (TCP/UDP) that is used in addition to the MAC address, because the MAC address in the

Explanation: PN532 use of NFC

Tags: software read-write first use of shared rom bytes UART dataFirst, IntroductionThe PN532 is a highly integrated contactless read-write chip that contains the 80C51 microcontroller core, which integrates various active/passive contactless

Uboot ARP Address resolution

Label:Common/cmd_cache.cint Do_getmac (cmd_tbl_t *cmdtp, int flag, int argc, char *argv[]) {//usend d43d7e45371c 1234 1234 Hhaachar ET Hsrc[6]={0xff, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xff};char ethdst[6]={0xff, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF,

Silverlight Visifire Control chart making--silverlight background method drawing

Tags: style color using the width data os1. Call WCF for informationprivate void Svc_getsinglechartdatacompleted (object sender, Getsinglechartdatacompletedeventargs e){observablecollection<listitem> Lbaseoilbar = E.result;Createchart

Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera test

Label:Summary of analog camera-tvp5150 module based on Icamera testFirst recognize the analog camera, I believe we are not unfamiliar,CCD Analog CameraCMOS analog cameraIt can be seen that the CCD camera circuit is more complex, the interface is few,

The traffic light of actual combat

The Suddenly remembered that there was a wave of traffic lights ... /* ******************************************************************************* * file name: MAIN.C * Description: Traffic light * Author: CLAY * Version number: v1.0.0 * Date:

The use of iOS development cocoapods

Tags: c style a ext color widthTransparent color:00ff00ffSet the color of a bar chartColorset cs = new Colorset ();Cs. Id = "Colorset1";#region set the color of the histogram to be developedstring strcolor = Oyaxis.color;Switch (Strcolor){Case "Red":

Silverlight Set Color

Tags: c style a ext color widthTransparent color:00ff00ffSet the color of a bar chartColorset cs = new Colorset ();Cs. Id = "Colorset1";#region set the color of the histogram to be developedstring strcolor = Oyaxis.color;Switch (Strcolor){Case "Red":

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