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Directory: A OHCI Drive Frame Two Data structure of OHCI Three Initialization of the HCD Four OHCI related Code The purpose of OPENHCI (Open Host Controller Interface) is-accelerate the acceptance of USB in the marketplace by promo Ting the use of a

Memory leak detection in Linux (iv) record the size of the leak

Label:"Detection of memory leaks in Linux (iii) customized New/delete" The use of C + + 's function overloading makes C + + code easier for New/delete plus statistical code for detecting memory leaks. However, new problems are also introduced.The

The simplest STM32 Getting started tutorial----flashing LEDs

Label:This article is about how to start from scratch, using Keil to build a simple STM32 project, and flashing LED lights to give small white look.0th Step , of course, first you have to have a STM32 board, its IO port is connected with an LED

s3c2440 USB Host

http://www.arm8.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=255 Then you must familiarize yourself with the USB v1.1 protocol first. Therefore, it is not easy to use the USB host interface provided by s3c2440 to correct the content of this part. Here, I mai

The debugging solution for the error of the program appearing in Linux __linux

The following error occurred in today's program: TESTROUTER[17281]: Segfault at 13A4 IP 0000003c0ac0920b SP 00007f1ebdd64bc0 error 4 in libc-2.15.so[3c0ac00000+20000] Viewing the error category is a segment error and gives the position that the st

A study on the principle of Coredump, Linux version x86 6.4 section virtual function

Tags: debugging technology Linux C + + assembler crashesIn the previous section, you have explored the arrangement of the member variables of a class, and now look at the arrangement of virtual function tables and member variables and the

A study of the principle of coredump Problem Linux x86 6.2 section C + + style data structure memory layout of a class with member variables

Tags: Linux x86 debugging Technology program crashes C + +The above section has explored the identification of this pointer, and the contents of the class can be seen by the this pointer. Here, it is up to the this pointer to see how the member

Linux2.6 support for new CPUs (2)

Access to kernel state by user state via library function In order to coordinate with the kernel to use the new system call way, glibc must make certain modification. This change has already been included in the new glibc-2.3.2 (and later versions),

GDB compilation Debug Tips

Label:1. Memory view command x.x/x with hexadecimal outputX/D Output in decimalX/C output with single characterX/i Disassembly – Typically, we will usex/10i $ip-20 来查看当前的汇编($ip是指令寄存器)X/S output as a string(GDB) x/10i main 0X80483BB <main>:Push%

BSS segment, data segment, code snippet for target file under Linux

Label:Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-27018250-id-3867588.htmlBSS uninitialized global DataData already initialized globalText code snippet, machine instructionRodata string ConstantsReference: "Programmer self-accomplishment"Code compiled machine

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