0xffffffff to dec

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"Information representation" value

Label:This section studies the problems related to numerical values in the information representation;BYTE order and address growth direction stack variablesThe code snippet is as follows: int x = 0x10203040; char* p = (char*) &x; printf ("%

Oracle Diagnostics Case-job task stops executing [final version]

oracle| execution Oracle Diagnostics Case-job task stops executing Last Updated:friday, 2004-11-26 9:48 eygle Yesterday, a researcher reported that the database timed tasks did not perform properly, causing some operations to fail. began to

Explore objects in Go (object)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. [] (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/studygolang/gctt-images/master/go-object/goexplorer.png) When I accept go there's no object at all After that, I began to

Implementation of image movement and windmill rotation based on SDL

This is my two week course design topic, this week the school will shut down the system, record this program, for future learning SDL can do some reference The things you need to prepare are as follows: 1. Library support required by this procedure W

To understand inter-process communication by a face test

Label: 1 File mappingsfile mapping (memory-mapped files) allows a process to treat the file content as if it were a block of memory in the process address range. Therefore, the process does not have to use file I/O operations and can read and modify

Application of event object in multithreaded programming

In this lesson, we'll learn about event objects and how to use them in multithreaded programming.Theory:In the previous lesson, we demonstrated how to communicate with Windows messages between different threads. The other two, that is, using global v

Comparison of communication modes between processes (reprinted and collated)

Label:Inter-process communication methods:1. Piping (pipe) and famous pipe (named pipe):Pipelines can be used for communication between affinity processes, which, in addition to having the functionality of a pipeline, allows for inter-process

Windows Inter-process communication

Tags: des style blog http color io os using AR Windows Inter-process communication Category: Network programming 2011-12-27 09:56 9372 People read Comments (2) Collection ReportWindows DLL server sockets socket API pick to:  with the

Inter-process communication under Win CE (excerpt collection)

Label:Li Zhigang Guiyuppo Xiao Zhuo Tri Chaohiabstract with the increasing demand for applications, single-process applications have been unable to meet people's requirements in many situations. Writing multi-process/multi-thread program becomes an

Inter-process Communication mode

Label:1. Inter-process communication mode(1) How Windows processes communicate with each other1, file mapping;2, Shared memory (is a special case of file mapping);3, mail slot (mailslot) (Point-to-point message queue);4, anonymous pipeline;5, named

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