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MySQL gets 60 days ago Unix Time

Tags: SIMD SSEStart analyzing the main two type constructs of the file.typedef Union __declspec (Intrin_type) _crt_align (+) __m128i { __int8 m128i_i8[16]; __int16 m128i_i16[8]; __int32 m128i_i32[4];

Exception:access violation Reading 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Exception:access violation Reading 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Cause: There was a problem with memory release, which may have been released. Av_freep (Aviobuffer); Workaround: Comment out: av_freep unsigned char *aviobuffer = (unsigned char *) av_mall

Oracle Database enforcement shutdown causes database to start recovery example

There are customers QQ to find me, said a friend recommended, let me help them restore the database. The database does not start properly because of a forced shutdown.Database Recover DB FailedMon Mar 28 10:20:33 2016ALTER Database RECOVER DatabaseMe

Zookeeper monitoring indicators

Currently, there are two ways to get the Zookeeper monitoring indicator: 1. Get a variety of monitoring metrics with Zookeeper's four-letter words command 2, through the JMX client connection Zookeeer external Mbean to obtain monitoring metrics (need

Two unsigned types want to subtract the result stored temporary variable or unsigned type

Label:1#include <stdio.h>2 intMain ()3 {4UnsignedintDwval =0;5unsigned __int64 n64val =1;6 if(Dwval-n64val >= -)7 {8printf"%i64d\n", Dwval-n64val);//execute this line, output-19 }Ten return 0; One}Personal analysis:When you

64-bit integer and 32-bit integer representing subtle levels of time

If you use 64-bit integers and 32-bit integers, how long does it take to represent subtle levels of time? #define __stdc_format_macros #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h > #include <inttypes.h> #includ

NET Cup Task_shoppingcart record

Tags: terminal leak count Linux Debug technology debug ESS HexObjectiveRelated topics are located inhttps://gitee.com/hac425/blog_data/tree/master/hwbTask_shoppingcartVulnerability in00BD9The user input idx then finds the table entry () based on the

x64 Kernel memory Space structure

Label:0x00 PrefaceThis article mainly discusses the structure of the kernel virtual address space under Windows 7 x64, and can take advantage of the wiindbg Debug extension command "! Cmkd.kvas "to show the overall layout of the kernel virtual

Microsoft IIS http. sys Vulnerability principle learning and POC

Tags: request fast water generate static HTTP request data BLE status0, Ms15-034poc Core part (reference Sufeng):1 socket.setdefaulttimeout (Timeout)2s =Socket.socket (socket.af_inet, socket. SOCK_STREAM)3 s.connect ((IP, int (port)))4Flag

Several common SCN in Oracle database

Tags: update redo log action SID base memory BLE records saveSCN in the control file SCN for data file header SCN in a data block SCN in the log file header Transaction SCN In-memory SCN The SCN in a control file 1.1 Database SCN Database SCN

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