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Oracle Database enforcement shutdown causes database to start recovery example

There are customers QQ to find me, said a friend recommended, let me help them restore the database. The database does not start properly because of a forced shutdown.Database Recover DB FailedMon Mar 28 10:20:33 2016ALTER Database RECOVER

Zookeeper monitoring indicators

Currently, there are two ways to get the Zookeeper monitoring indicator: 1. Get a variety of monitoring metrics with Zookeeper's four-letter words command 2, through the JMX client connection Zookeeer external Mbean to obtain monitoring metrics

Two unsigned types want to subtract the result stored temporary variable or unsigned type

1#include 2 intMain ()3 {4UnsignedintDwval =0;5unsigned __int64 n64val =1;6 if(Dwval-n64val >= -)7 {8printf"%i64d\n", Dwval-n64val);//execute this line, output-19 }Ten return 0; One}Personal analysis:When you do want to reduce the

C++primer Chapter II

//1. The program tries to avoid relying on the implementation of the environmental behavior. For example, if the size of an int is treated as a known value that is determined to be constant, then such a program is called non-portable. typedefintInt32

Several common SCN in Oracle database

SCN in the control file SCN for data file header SCN in a data block SCN in the log file header Transaction SCN In-memory SCN The SCN in a control file 1.1 Database SCN Database SCN represents the SCN for the most recent full-volume checkpoint

NET Cup Task_shoppingcart record

ObjectiveRelated topics are located inhttps://gitee.com/hac425/blog_data/tree/master/hwbTask_shoppingcartVulnerability in00BD9The user input idx then finds the table entry () based on the index, T then takes the T 8 first byte as a pointer, prints

x64 Kernel memory Space structure

0x00 PrefaceThis article mainly discusses the structure of the kernel virtual address space under Windows 7 x64, and can take advantage of the wiindbg Debug extension command "! Cmkd.kvas "to show the overall layout of the kernel virtual address

Multi-school joint training exercise G. Digital logic exercises (general calculation) __ Simple Math

Topic Description The original code, the inverse code, the complement is the same, are positive numbers themselves. For negative numbers: The original code is the symbol bit is 1, the numerical part takes the absolute value the binary system. The

Number string and BCD code to each other C #

The number is encoded in BCD.the num8 bit byte.public static byte[] BYTEARRAYTOBCD (byte[] num8bitbyte)//8-bit ASCII{byte[] Num4bitbyte = new Byte[8]; Num4bitbyte = Bitconverter.getbytes (0XFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF);for (int i = 0; i{byte num

ios-c_day2___ binary Code

2015.1.20Decimal0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 .... 99 100 101 ...Carry: "Every ten in one"Binary (for computers is the most natural language)0 1 10 11 100 101 110 111 1000 1001 1010 1011 1100 1101 1110 1111"Every 2 in 1"High level: 1 Low Level

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