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Java Virtual machine 8: Virtual machine performance monitoring and troubleshooting tools

Options Role -F Forces the output thread stack when a normal output request is not responded to -L Displays additional information about the lock, in addition to the stack -M If you call to a local method, you can display the C + + stack Jstack Execution ExampleJust intercept the part and see this is the 10492 thread snapshot of the current time of the virtual

Deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine-Chapter 1, deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine

Deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine-Chapter 1, deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine Chapter 2 Virtual

Java Virtual Machine Learning notes-connection model (Chapter 8)

basic type, the virtual machine immediately creates a new array class for that element type, and the dimension is determined at this time. Then, an instance of the class is created to represent this type. For referenced arrays, arrays are marked as defined by the classloader that defines their element types. For an array of basic types, the array class is marked as defined by the startup class loader. Anal

"In-depth understanding of Java Virtual Machine" Note (8) class loading mechanism

the object is invoked. The Clinit method is a class constructor method that is not called until the initialization phase of the JVM is loaded.Execution purposes are different: init is the initialization of non-static variable parsing, while Clinit is initializing static variables and static blocks of code.Third, class loaderThe virtual machine takes the "fully qualified name of a class to obtain a binary b

In-depth Java Virtual machine (1)--java architecture

Java architectureThe Java architecture consists of four independent but related technologies:1.Java programming Language2.Java class file format3.Java Application Programming Interface (API)4.

Deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine (1)-java memory Area

This blog will provide a conceptual explanation of the various areas of Java Virtual Machine memory, the role of these areas, the service objects, and the problems that may arise, which is what we are prepared to do later on to learn about Java memory management. Java

Java Virtual Machine (1)--java memory Area

does not change the size of the local variable table while the method is running.6. In the Java Virtual Machine specification, two exceptions are specified for this area:1) If the thread requests a stack depth greater than the virtual m

Java Virtual Machine Memory Area breakdown (1)

), object references (reference types, which are not equivalent to the object itself and are implemented according to different virtual machines). It may be a reference pointer to the start address of the object, or it may point to a handle representing the object or other location associated with the object, and the ReturnAddress type (the address of a bytecode directive).The 64-bit length of long and double data takes up 2 local variable space (slot

Java Virtual Machine Learning-JVM Tuning Summary-issues facing garbage collection (8)

time of garbage collection will continue to increase correspondingly, the corresponding application pause time will also increase correspondingly . Some applications that require a high amount of time, such as a maximum pause time of hundreds of milliseconds, are likely to exceed this limit when the heap space is larger than a few grams, in which case garbage collection becomes a bottleneck for the system to run. To resolve this contradiction, there is a concurrent garbage collection algorithm

Java Virtual Machine (1) runtime data area

StackOverflowError exception will be thrown; when the Virtual Machine stack is dynamically expanded, an OutOfMemoryError will be thrown if you cannot apply for sufficient memory.  2.3 Native Method Stack) The local method stack and the virtual machine stack play a very similar role. The difference between them is that

Java Virtual machine Learning notes 1

Notes 1. Compile Order: Compiler virtual Machine virtual machine Java source file *.java-------> Bytecode *.class------> class Loader--- gt; execution engine A. class file can contain

Java Virtual Machine Learning notes-Java Virtual Machine Internal System Overview (chapter 5)

into: integer bytes, short, Int, long; char, float, and double. The data types in Java have the same scope on any host.There is also a returnvalue type of the original data type that cannot be used in the Java language in the Java Virtual Machine ). This type is used to imp

Java Virtual Machine Understanding Discovery 1

garbage collection, first understand the internal architecture of the Java Virtual machine, as shown in The middle dashed box part is the run Time data region, which consists of 5 parts, namely the method area, heap, stack, program counter and local method stack. 1. Program counter For a running

Java Virtual Machine (1) Automatic Memory Management Mechanism

Java Virtual Machine (1) Automatic Memory Management MechanismJava memory overflow exceptionI. Summary We can learn with the following questions:Automatic Memory Management Mechanism, As shown below:What operations may cause memory overflow? What types of memory overflow are there? Which areas of memory are full? What

(1) Java Virtual machine concept and structure diagram

is limited. The sum of the Java heap and direct memory is still limited by the maximum memory given by the operating system"5" garbage collection system---an important part of the >java virtual machine.---> Recycle garbage space on the method area, Java heap, direct memory.

Deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine-Reading Notes (1): JVM runtime data area

" memory. If the program executes a Java method, the program counter records the bytecode address of the current thread; if the program executes a local method, the program counter is blank (undefined ). Java programmers often say "stack" and "stack". The "stack" refers to the Java Virtual

Java Virtual machine Learning (1): Class loading mechanism

execution.Load:The load phase is a phase in the class loading mechanism, which is often referred to as "loading," and is mainly done by:1. Obtain a binary byte stream that defines this class by "full name of Class"2. Convert the static storage structure represented by the byte stream to the run-time data structure of the method area3. Generate a Java.lang.Class object representing this class in the Java he

Deep understanding of Java Virtual Machine learning notes (1)

Stackoverflowerror and OutOfMemoryError like the virtual machine stackThe fourth one is the Java heap:Created when the virtual machine is started, with the sole purpose of storing the object instance. Almost all of the object instances are allocated memory here. The

Understanding the basic structure of the Java Virtual machine---JVM (1)

in the JDK1.8 is completely removed, instead of the metadata area, the metadata area is a heap of memory, unlike the persistence zone, if the metadata area size is not specified, the virtual opportunity consumes the system memory until it runs out.1.7. Local Method StackThe local method stack is very similar to the Java stack, and the biggest difference is that the Jav

Practice: Java Virtual Machine 2 "virtual machine working mode", Java Virtual Machine

Practice: Java Virtual Machine 2 "virtual machine working mode", Java Virtual Machine Today, I started to practice

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