10 conditional statements

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JavaScript conditional statements and loop statements

JavaScript conditional statements have the following types: Single conditional structure (if conditional statement)Bidirectional conditional structure (if...else conditional statement)Multiple conditional structure (switch conditional statement)Sing

Python from rookie to Master (9): Conditional and conditional statements

Tags: publishing translation attention length Dev branch from rookie to master assignment1. Boolean (Boolean) values and Boolean variables?? Before you speak a conditional statement, you should first look at the Boolean type. A conditional statement

10 article recommendations for instance usage of PHP conditional control statements

In front of you to explain a multi-choice ElseIf statement, although this statement can make a variety of judgments, but when used, need to write a lot of if statements, to our program readability inconvenience, in order to avoid the IF statement

Introduction to the basics of Python conditional statements and looping statements

This article mainly introduces the basic knowledge of Python conditional statements and circular statements. The main contents include: 1. Conditional statements: Includes single, dual, and multi-branch statements, if-elif-else;2. Loop statement:

Brother Lian Learning Python-------conditional statements and loop statements

Tags: comma    break   log   top   type     Sequence    cut    identification     composition     The basics of

Structure of Java Foundation-->> conditional structure and cyclic structure

Tags: duplicate. com basic share Picture triangle ... while loop method 1.5Program flow control Statements in Java include conditional structure, loop structure, and jump statements4.1-Piece structureThe conditional structure includes the sequential

Java Learning (iv): Java Process Control statements (sequential structure, if condition statement, switch conditional statement, loop statement, and jump statement)

Tags: Java Process Control Statement order structure If conditional statement switch conditional statement Loop statement and jump statementJava Process Control StatementsThis blog post will focus on the control statements that make up the various

[Python learning] topic two. Basics of conditional and cyclic statements

Tags: python conditional statement loop statement while forThis article describes the basics of a python conditional statement and a looping statement, as described in " topic I. Basics of Functions " . The main contents include:1. Conditional

python0.6-----Conditional Control statements/looping statements and usage tips

Tags: use soft best ... Do not perform order LSE results in 16PXConditional control Statements:if Condition control statement:Format:An If expression:  Statement 1 (the statement must be preceded by a tab, otherwise no statement is considered)Logic:

Flash ActionScript Learning: In-depth study of conditional statements

condition | statement In the previous section, we initially tried the use of conditional statements, because conditional statements are a very high frequency statement, so we need to delve into it now. The basic format of a conditional statement if (

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