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Limit on the size of 2 GB of the default archive path in the flash back area of Oracle 10 GB

alert_oracle.log file and found many error messages. Here, this problem has taught me a lesson: oracle-related operations will certainly write logs to the alert_oracle.log file as long as there is a problem, check whether you are aware of this log file. After checking the information on the Internet, I learned that Oracle 10 Gb archive logs are stored in the Flash

Mac allows the USB flash drive, mobile hard drive to be recognized/read/written on the Apple Computer and Windows PC, and supports 4 GB large file: exfat

Reprinted from: http://blog.csdn.net/helen_phding/article/details/6563303 Now more and more friends are switching from the PC camp to the Mac camp. Because they are two completely different operating systems, the compatibility is not very good, so many people have encountered some problems, today, I will discuss with my friends the problem of USB flash drives and mobile hard drive formats after converting

The folder size in the USB flash drive is dozens of GB. The folder size is garbled and cannot be deleted.

The folder size in the USB flash drive is dozens of GB. The folder size is garbled and cannot be deleted. Today, I inserted a USB flash drive on my classmate's computer and copied a video file. Later, I installed the system and used the USB

How can I use a USB flash drive to copy files larger than 4 GB?

Now the USB flash drive is getting bigger and bigger, and 8 GB is very common (I am 8 GB ). When we buy such a large USB flash drive, we will inevitably want it to copy large files, such as HD videos and Hard Disk Images. However,

Use a USB flash drive to store files larger than 4 GB-exFAT format

Today, I used an offline wikipedia package from a machine in the lab. I used a USB flash drive to copy the package to my computer and use an 8 GB USB flash drive, if I try to reformat it to FAT32, I still don't know if the disk is full. I am wondering how the space of 7 or m

Flash back database operations in Oracle Database 10 GB

Flash back database operations in Oracle Database 10 GB You can use flashback database to restore the database to a previous time point or an SCN number.In versions earlier than Oracle10g, to restore the database to a previous time point or SCN number, onlyIt is achieved through incomplete database recovery. From Oracle 10

Configuration and usage of flash back for Oracle 10 Gb Database

We have previously introduced: For a detailed introduction of the Oracle database flashback personality, this article willFlashback of Oracle 10 Gb DatabaseThe configuration and usage are summarized for your reference. You can directly apply the configuration without understanding it. Run the following SQL statement: Sqlplus sys/passwd @ tns_name as sysdba SQL> shutdown immediate; // closes the da

Restoration point in Oracle 10 GB flash back database

Do you still remember the concept of saving points in SQL? In a transaction, you can create a save point, make some modifications, create another save point, and so on. If these changes are not what you want, all you need to do is roll them back to a specific save point. Now we will introduce a new feature introduced in Oracle Database 10 GB-Flashback database. With this function, you can reverse the databa

Summary of 10 GB flash back in Oracle

Summary of 10 GB flash back in Oracle1. flashback query (undo)Select current_scn from v $ database;Select * from t as of scn;Time and scn conversion functions:Scn_to_timestamp ()To_timestamp ()Timestamp_to_scn ()2. flashback table (undo)Select row_movement from dba_tables where table_name = 'T' and owner = 'test ';Alter table t enable row movement;Flashback table

Oracle 10 Gb for table data in Flash

The interface developer reports that many duplicate data are in the user permission table. Then I deleted the table data Delete mode and modified the corresponding stored procedure so that the table data is not duplicated! Later, we found that the pulled data has no permission. So I had to flash back to the early morning! SQL> ALTER TABLE ba. t_power_admin enable row movement;Table alteredSQL> flashback table ba. t_power_admin to timestamp to_timest

Use a USB flash drive in Windows 10 to install Ubuntu dual system and ubuntu Dual System

Use a USB flash drive in Windows 10 to install Ubuntu dual system and ubuntu Dual System Problem description: Install Ubuntu in Windows 10. Tools used: Windows 10, Ubuntu16.04 LTS installation package, UltraISO, and easyBCD. Procedure: 1. Before installation, allocate a cert

How to install Win7/8/10 on a USB flash drive using UltraISO

How to install Win7/8/10 on a USB flash drive using UltraISO The advantage of USB flash drive installation is that you do not need to use a clumsy disc, and the disc is prone to problems and cannot be read. The USB flash disk is s

Replacing ISO with a USB flash drive to reinstall the system is no longer a dream in 10 minutes!

Old peach and Chinese cabbage can be rolled out of the bowl! The principle of installing the system is simple, but fast. The CD installation system is very simple, but very slow. The USB flash drive system is very fast, but sometimes it is very complicated. If you are not very skilled, you have to look for du Niang for a tutorial. After restarting the system, you can see the dazzling options on the screen.

Create a USB flash drive version of Windows 10 Deployment Tools

Microsoft released the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool in 2012 and is a USB flash drive version of the Windows 7 Deployment tool, also applicable to Windows 10 deployments, especially for individual users. Enterprise batch deployments can use MDT or SCCM.Here's how to use the Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool:Open the tool when the download is completeSelect the Wi

USB flash drive 10 minutes to install Linux system

configuration of the update source, and then go in the installation.Pure installation, does not update, does not pack the language pack, installs quickly quickly.Well, especially with USB3.0, 10 minutes to complete the whole process.Failure of Ubuntu 12.04This is an off-topic, but I'm really disappointed. Friends of the computer, ThinkPad x220,core 2620,4g memory, Windows7 run, notebook completely do not feel there is temperature. Turn Ubuntu 12.04,c

Linux installation with a USB flash drive in 10 minutes

It may not be believed that 10 minutes, including creating a USB flash drive, starting with a USB flash drive, installing, not connecting to the Internet, not updating, not installing language packs, etc. Windows Hard Disk partitioning If you are using a Windows system and t

Orange's Manual Writing of the Operating System Chapter 1 10-minute complete operating system USB flash drive boot records

MATERIALS:1 NASM: Compile the Assembly source code, which is available in many places on the Internet2 winhex: As a Windows system to write U disk tools, need to be genuine (full version) to have write permissions, recommended: http://down.liangchan.net/WinHex_16.7.rarSteps:1. Compile the machine code of the boot program. Compile the Assembly source code with the command line: Name boot. ASM-O boot. bin. the boot. binfile is generated in the current directory of the command line.2. Write the boo

Linux basic configuration and management 10 ---- use the dd command in Linux to create a USB flash drive for ubuntu

Step 1: obtain an iso image of ubuntu. assume that my current ios image is in homechenguolin *** iso step 2. Insert the USB flash disk and view the code of the USB flash disk in the current system step 3, unmount the USB flash drive, step 4 of sudoumountdevsdc1, use Step 1: obtain an iso image of ubuntu. assume that m

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