10 log in base 10

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Common log operations for the YII framework in PHP

This article mainly introduces the PHP yii framework of the common log operation summary, including the message is too small and formatting and other basic content, the need for friends can refer to the following LogYii provides a highly

C # implements 10-in-Turn 2-binary

Tags: enum repeating and result condition Style 1.0 Val RecordThese days in the review of computer principles, see binary system suddenly think of binary system to 10 into the formula, and then second thought to 10 binary system to the formula seems

10-28c# Basics-Database Manager (Base operation)

Tags: style blog http io os ar using SP filesC # Foundation - database (used to store large amounts of data)The only way to manipulate database files is SQL Server, a structured query language referred to as SQL. Analysis Services: analyzing mining

"2017-03-10" T-SQL base statement and condition, advanced query

Tags: color _id ESC Data contains code select values sequentiallyFirst, T-SQL base statement1. Creating database: Create DATABASEname (not Chinese, cannot start with a number, cannot start with a symbol)2. Delete the database:drop databases database

C # Base and this

Tag: Add text log to implement local analysis instance system compilation? Is it possible to use base and this in static methods, why?? What are the common uses of base? What are the this often used in?? Can base access all members of the base class?

10 summary of the large sorting algorithm

Label:ObjectiveThe search and sorting algorithm is an introduction to the algorithm, and its classical ideas can be used in many algorithms. The application is more common because of its short implementation code. So in the interview often ask the

Common Log Operations Summary _php tips for the yii framework of PHP

LogYii provides a highly customizable and highly scalable log framework. Depending on the usage scenario, you can easily record, filter, and merge messages on a variety of lines, such as text files, database files, and mail. The log framework using

Small Knowledge point log (2014-10-22~2015-4-7)

Tags: MFC plugin Xcode Safari MiscPrevious small Knowledge point log (2013-6-24~2014-10-11)2014-10-22 17:51:461. Function naming: Use Layerobjectoperation's naming method, such as Slotfileread. In the case of object-oriented, usually the layer field

2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

Tags: call center Knowledge Base trendsin the era of shortage economy, production is sales, as long as the production of products, whether good or bad, can always be sold out, later in the era of homogeneous competition, lower prices and increase

Oracle Base 10 Tables Table

Tags: data load var update flag Let operations sed improve physics--View the structure of the tableDesc YGB;SELECT * FROM User_tab_columnswhere table_name= ' YGB ';--New Table YGBCREATE TABLE YGB (BH Number (3),Eid VARCHAR2 (6) Constraint Eid_p

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