1440 seconds in minutes

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JS implementation time display a few days ago, hours ago or a few minutes ago method collection _javascript Tips

Here is a summary of the JS implementation time to display a few days ago, a few hours ago or a few minutes before the common methods. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Method One: The personal practice is to save the t

Squid Cache Settings-control the cache time of the page

The role of Refresh_pattern:Used to determine how long a page stays in the cache after it enters the cache. Refresh_pattern only works on a page where the backend does not have a expires expiration, such as a forum page, and does not work on pages si

No action on the page, automatic exit after 5 minutes

I want to let the user logged in the system, if there is no action within 5 minutes, will automatically exit the system. How can we solve this problem? How to judge the page is not action? Reply to discussion (solution) Make a checklogin.php

Reprint: How to Strictly limit the session expires after 30 minutes!

Label:How to strictly limit the session expires in 30 minutes!1. Set the lifetime of the client cookie to 30 minutes;2. Set the maximum survival period of the session to 30 minutes;3. Add a timestamp to each session value and then make a judgment

CentOS Simple Configuration Install Squid 3.0 reverse proxy _linux

Installation article:This tutorial application environment is clean CentOS 5.5, pre-divided and load/data partition, and close SELinux and iptablesFirst modify the file descriptor and set the temporary port range, which takes effect after reboot

SQUID3 (high hit Rate) cache server configuration in Linux

Quid cache (squid) is a popular free software (GNU General Public License) proxy server and Web cache server. Squid has a wide range of uses, from caching related requests as Web server cache servers to increasing the speed of Web servers, to sharing

SQUID3 (high hit Ratio) cache server configuration in Linux

Today, my varnish carried out a small pressure test, 40s 8000 concurrency, no failure, an estimate can withstand a greater concurrency, not to mention varnish, I recently found a high percentage of squid profile, of course, squid3.0 configuration fil

Oracle Date Subtraction Reprint

Tags: blog http using OS IO data for artTransfer from http://hi.baidu.com/juanjuan_66/blog/item/cf48554c9331fbe6d62afc6a.htmlOracle Date Subtraction2012-02-10 12:18--months_between (DATE2,DATE1)Give the month of date2-date1Sql> Select

Oracle Date Subtraction

Tags: io ar using for SP data on art issuesOracle Date Subtraction2012-02-10 12:18--months_between (DATE2,DATE1)Give the month of date2-date1Sql> Select Months_between (' 1 September-December-1999 ', ' 1 September-March -1999 ') Mon_between from

Oracle Database date + 1 reprint

Label:Http://blog.csdn.net/yjp198713/article/details/18131871oracle two minutes, hours of direct time.1, obtain the time difference millisecond number:Select Ceil ((to_date (' 2008-05-02 00:00:00 ', ' yyyy-mm-dd hh24-mi-ss ')-to_date (' 2008-04-30 23

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