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[Share] 17 FREE e-book download websites

ArticleDirectory We are looking for more websites and will be back to you Original address: 17 websites you shoshould bookmark to download free ebookszillr This sites contains lots of computer eBooks for you to download. 44 categories

LinuxMint 17--the most easy-to-use Linux desktop operating system installation steps diagram, the fool will install Linux!

Why would you like to install LinuxMint 17? Because it's the best, most popular, easiest to use, least frustrating Linux distribution (not one), if you're used to the way Windows desktops do, LinuxMint is your best bet! And LinuxMint 17 is a

Springboot-17-springboot File Upload and download

Single File Upload1, you need to use Thymeleaf Template: http://www.cnblogs.com/wenbronk/p/6565834.htmlSrc/main/resource/template/file.html"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"Xmlns:th="http://www.thymeleaf.org"xmlns:sec="Http://www.thymeleaf.org/thymeleaf-

Linux (6/17)--file package upload and download

Tar commandcommand function to compress and decompress filescommand format tar[necessary parameters [select parameters] [file]Tar Packaging tools -F # #指定生成包的名字, it is recommended that-F be written separately as a parameter --delete

17. File Upload, download

/* File Upload */(Common-fileupload) (Common-fileupload is dependent on Common-io for this package)Use the Apache file Upload component to process file uploads/* steps */:1. Create a diskfilefactory factory = new Diskfilefactory ();2. Create a File

Linux installation stand-alone version spark (centos7+spark2.1.1+scala2.12.2) __linux

1 installing spark-dependent Scala 1.2 Configure environment variables for Scala 1.3 validation Scala 2 Download and decompression spark 3 Spark-related configuration 3.1 Configuring environment variables 3.2 Configure the files in the Conf

Dedehttpdown PHP Remote download Web page class, Enhanced edition 2013-1-17 _php tutorial

1) New remote host judgment, save server resources. Avoid the remote host does not exist when still fsockopen, resulting in the crash occupied the server CPU (2) added response 401 of the judgment and support. (3) Added support for JSON return text.

Android offline download knowledge, android offline

Android offline download knowledge, android offline The offline download function is as follows:1. Download Management (START and cancel download ).2. Network judgment (wi-fi, 3G ).3. Independent process.4. timed and mobile phone reminders.5.

Download an ASP. NET Ajax video tutorial

The following is an ASP. NET Ajax video tutorial from langxi online. Download it now! Thank you for choosing langxi video online! 1. Basic principles of ASP. NET AjaxTelecom download: http://www.cnblogs.com/yongheng178/admin/ftp://Anonymous@203.1

VMvare Workstation 9.0 installation of Fedora 17 graphic tutorial (2) -- installation of Fedora 17

Link: Installation of Fedora 17 graphic tutorial under VMvare Workstation 9.0 (I) -- create and edit a virtual machine21. after entering the VM, press enter to enter www.2cto.com 22, select Install to Hard Drive www.2cto.com 23, and select the

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