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AS plotting (2)

Feather painting by action Code: OnMouseDown = init; function init () {// create a feather, and set each feather parameter and call the function feather = createEmptyMovieClip ("f" + I, 10000 + I ++); feather. swapDepths (Math. random () * 10000);

Question fifty-six: The coding program finds sin (π/2), sin (56 °), cos (87 °), cos (π/3 ).

[Plain]/* Start the comments in the program header (to avoid any problems encountered during the submission of blog posts, the slash used to indicate that the comments have been deleted)* Copyright and version Declaration of the program* All rights

What is the area of the circle πr²

Why is the area of the circle \ (S = \pi r^2 \)? How to testify?This formula is important because it is the basis for all the volume of the rotating body (cylinder, cone, round table, ball, etc.), it is better to be more rigorous proof, rather than

How to sort complicated PHP queries.

How to sort complicated PHP queries. $ Latitude =$ _ GET ['Y']; $ Longpolling = $ _ GET ['x']; $ Distance = 500; $ SQL = "select * from ". $ GLOBALS ['ecs']-> table ('weixin _ map '). "where sqrt ((((". $ longpolling. "-longpolling) * PI () * 12656 *

Design and Development of Micro-meteorological stations based on Raspberry Pi (Windows 10 IoT Core) and iotcore

Design and Development of Micro-meteorological stations based on Raspberry Pi (Windows 10 IoT Core) and iotcore Preface Raspberry Pi (RPi) is designed specifically for Students' Computer Programming education. Only credit card-sized card-type

Building an aircraft observer based on Raspberry Pi

This project uses Raspberry Pi with ultra-low-cost software radio (SDR) hardware to receive tracking information sent from an airborne S-mode transponder outside millions of miles. The Raspberry Pi is equipped with a smart 3.5-inch TFT display to

Raspberry Pi Webcam Use

The official Raspberry Pi camera Module, capable of shooting 5 million megapixel images and recording 1080p video, uses the CSI interface on the Raspberry Pi board.Installing the CameraFirst make sure that the Raspberry Pi system is a newer version

PHP sorting by latitude and longitude, filtering distance segments based on latitude and longitude

SQL statements: Select Location.* from (select *,round (6378.138*2*asin (sqrt () (Pow () (Sin (36.668530*pi ()/180-px_lat*pi ()/180)/2), 2) +cos (36.668530*pi ()/180) *cos (Px_lat*pi ()/180) * POW (Sin ((117.020359*pi ()/180-px_lon*pi ()/180)/2), 2))

"DSP using MATLAB" Example Example5.7

Code:x = [1, 1, 1, 1, zeros (1,4)]; N = 8; % zero-padding Operation x_dft = DFT (x,n); % DFT of x (n) magx_dft = ABS (X_DFT) phax_dft = Angle (x_dft) *180/pi%

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Tutorial Lesson five: Using the control cable

Adafruit Raspberry Pi Tutorial Lesson five: Using the control cableTime 2014-05-09 01:11:20 geek Fan Original http://www.geekfan.net/9095/ Theme Raspberry Pi MacOS Linux This article is translated from adafruit.com by Geek fan-boyd Wang. Welcome to

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