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Commands that Oracle DBAs should be familiar with _oracle

1 Running Sqlplus Tools Sqlplus 2 The default identity of the OS Connection /As Sysdba 3 displaying the current user name Show user 4 go directly to the Sqlplus command prompt Sqlplus/nolog 5 connecting at the command prompt with OS identity Conn

Metasploitable 2 Series Tutorial: Information collection

Tags: HTTPd method relative execution issue policy term Windows splayThe Metasploitable 2 system is an Ubuntu-based system. Its design was originally designed to be a demonstration of security tool testing and common vulnerability attacks. In this

An in-depth discussion on shared pool (i.)

An in-depth discussion on shared pool (i.) Link Http://www.eygle.com/internal/shared_pool-1.htm The setting of shared pool is always a controversial subject. In many articles, shared pool sets up an additional management burden that can lead to pe

Php+ajax chat room Source code! Two _php tutorials to support long-round follow-up timing requests

LastID = "1"; isposted = Mgettime; (str) {   Str.replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*$)/g, "" Str=ue.geteditor (' Myeditor ').Str=$ (' #mess '). Ue.geteditor (' Myeditor '). SetContent (", _getargs (Name, Jsfilename = Rname =RegExp (jsfilename+ "(\ \?

PYTHON Modify configuration file

Tags: new REM function technology share Glob exit write Haproxy determine file existenceKnowledge to be mastered:1. Functions2. File processing3, the use of tag4, the decoupling of the programDemand:1: Query2: Add3: Delete4: Modify5:

Applying kindeditor in ASP. NET MVC 3

Label:Http://www.cnblogs.com/weicong/archive/2012/03/31/2427608.htmlThe first stepAdding kindeditor source files to your project is recommended in the/scripts/kindeditor directory, where only the lang directory, Plugis directory, themes directory,

Use of the Easyui DataGrid

Label:Http://www.cnblogs.com/ruanmou001/p/3840954.htmlFirst, God Horse is EasyuiThe jquery Easyui is a set of jquery-based UI plug-ins, and the goal of jquery Easyui is to make it easier for web developers to create a feature-rich and beautiful UI

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