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Tutorial version: Setting the ultimate illustration of TP-Link Wireless routing (1)

Mbps, and the transmission rate of 802.11g is 54 Mbps, 108 Mbps, and 125Mbps, here, the TP-Link 641G + has 54Mbps and Mbps options ). In addition, wireless network security is a big problem, generally wireless routing provides three different encryption methods WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, in the general environment using WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK can be, that is, it is safe and reliable, and the phrase-based p

TP-Link TL-WR340G + wireless router settings tutorial (1)

Wireless RouterAlthough it is widely used and easy to use, there are still many friends who are new to wireless routers and do not know how to set up wireless routers. After all, it is not the same as non-Network-managed switches, plug in and use it. Vendors generally provide instructions, but some of them are not concise and complex. Although some provide installation guides, they are obviously unable to reflect the customization of wireless router settings. Today, we will express it in a simpl

Detailed illustration of TP-Link Wireless route configuration (1)

Install a Wireless Router With the increasing maturity of wireless network technology, the price of wireless devices has also dropped to a level acceptable to ordinary consumers. We don't need to pull a network cable with a proxy server to allow computers in the two rooms to access the Internet at the same time. A Wireless Broadband Router and a wireless network card can easily fulfill our wish! In addition, laptops of friends and family members with wireless NICs can also join the wireless netw

Python Classic Exercise 1: An integer, which plus 100 is a complete square number, plus 168 is a complete square number, what is the number?

Python Classic ExercisesThe answers that can be searched online are: for in range (1,85): If 168% i = = 0 := 168/ i ; if and and (i-j)% 2 = = 0 := (i + j)/ 2 = (i-j)/ 2 = n * n-100 pri NT(x)The output answers are:-99212611581But in fact, four figures are not in accordance with the conditions of +100 and +1

Oracle10gOCP042 Question Bank 1-30 questions 168 questions

Oracle10gOCP042 Question Bank 1-30 questions a total of 168 questions, the data before the Checkpoint has been written to the data file. Therefore, you can use restore to restore the data. While checkpoi Oracle 10g OCP 042 Question Bank 1-30 questions a total of 168 questions, the data before the Checkpoint has been wr

Vue-pdf 3.3. Build 168 JS Files after version 1 build

When a colleague uses Vue-pdf to browse a PDF, it's scary to find a bunch of scattered JS files after the build.Sure enough Google is behind it. Reference:vue-pdf Create 168 excess bundles in webpack. Solution:Install vue-pdf 3.0.1.$ NPM Install [email protected]3.0. 1:Package successfully into a single file!successfully opened the PDF file (the picture has been blurred), the previous page and the next page

RPD Volume 168 Issue 4 March 2016 Comments 1

their own point of viewG4 has to perform validation analysis when many simulations are actually deployed, because G4 is not necessarily verified in a specific area over and over again. This article is the author uses G4 and MCNP to the same neutron irradiation human body model analysis, the main calculation of neutron dose, the body model used two, one is a homogeneous body model, a Chinese male human body model, calculated the depth of the uniform body mold dose distribution, The dosage-dose c

Jgroups [1]-TP Layer

the MSG.2. After the TCP connection receives the data, if the MSG is of the OOB type, it will add a logic to oob_thread_pool to make up the MSG.Task3. The TP layer protocol will start this thread pool during initialization and close this thread pool during destruction.-------------------------------Executor thread_poolThreadfactory default_thread_factoryBlockingqueue This thread pool configuration is mainly used to process local data uploads. There a

PHP.38-TP Framework Mall Application Example-backstage 15-commodity properties vs. stock 1-Different products (unique attributes, optional attributes), property type

foreach($data as $k=$v) { $value=$v[$valueFieldName];//Value $text=$v[$textFieldName];//Display content if($selectedValue$selectedValue==$value)//decide whether to select $selected= ' selected= ' selected "'; Else $selected= ' '; $select. = ' $selected. ' Value= '.$value.‘" > '.$text.‘ ; } $select. = ' ; Echo $select; }2, the property optional value of the Chinese comma case processingDelete TypeWhen you dele

Linux toolchain (ii)---Linker (1) Link Options-l-rpath-rpath-link

I. Link and link options for dynamic libraries-l,-rpath-link,-rpath(1). The modern connector separates the link-time path (link-time path) and the run-time path (run-time path) when processing a dynamic library.The user can specif

Free to weight 1-10 home link to your top SEO link bait case Analysis

Analysis site: http://www.gushu.cn/ Analysis Time: 2009-9-18 P R:8 Some people will ask, how to write the September 18, 2009, now is not 2013/5/6? Yes, in fact, this site I 1th analysis of the time is in the 2009-9-18, but I put the analysis of the details of the contents of their own computer stored down, did not publish it, today is not intended to see, Today I decided to share it for free. How not to pay any penny, use the advanced link bait to

Go toolchain currently [does not support compiling dynamic-link libraries under Windows][1], but [supports static-link libraries][2]

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The go toolchain currently [does not support the compilation of dynamic link libraries under Windows][1], but [supports static link library][2].To generate a DLL, this can be workaround, refer to Golang [issuse#11058][1]: Firs

In php, how does one cyclically query the number of recommended members and give them points? the direct link is 5 points, and the indirect link is 1 point. Please help solve this problem.

In php, how does one cyclically query the number of recommended members and give them points? the direct link is 5 points, and the indirect link is 1 point. Please help solve this problem. The table field is like this, and the direct query relationship is fine. $ SQL = "SELECT COUNT (*) AS count FROM user_relation WHERE formId = '". $ id. "'"; $ query = mysql_

Hard link and soft link (1)

Disclaimer: This article is reposted from http://keren.blog.51cto.com/720558/170979;. There are two types of links in the Unix directory-hard links and symbolic links. A hard link itself is a directory item (such as a file name + index node number). You can associate a file name with the file location. A symbolic link is also called a soft link, A file that store

Ethernet Link Aggregation configuration 1 (manual mode link aggregation)

. The current change number is one, the CHANge Loop count is 0, and the maximum number of records is 4095.[S1]int[S1]interface gi[S1]interface gigabitethernet 0/0/2[S1-gigabitethernet0/0/2]eth[S1-gigabitethernet0/0/2]eth-trunk 1Info:this operation may take a few seconds. Please wait for a moment...done.[S1-gigabitethernet0/0/2]q[S1]09:33:57-08:00 S1 ds/4/datasync_cfgchange:oid configurations has been changed. The current change number is, the CHANge Loop count is 0,

Bartender Link Database tip: Unable to link to unexpected error in database external data driver (1) #6670

Bartender Link Database tip: Unable to link to unexpected error in database external data driver (1) #6670650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20171119181327.png "Src=" https://s1.51cto.com/oss/201711/19/ 44db51da922c347268f519dbbc294a1e.png-wh_500x0-wm_3-wmp_4-s_3985412359.png "alt=" 44db51da922c347268f519dbbc294a1e.png-wh_ "/>is a patch caused by the Micros

Php 5X uses the built-in sqlite3 link database, PDO link sqlite (low-cost development) (1), sqlite3pdo

Php 5X uses the built-in sqlite3 link database, PDO link sqlite (low-cost development) (1), sqlite3pdo A program engineer occasionally encounters code deployment. There are no databases such as mysql on the server, or the database price must be calculated outside the space, you can consider using sqlite when your project is small or you cannot afford to buy a dat

C ++ compilation and link (1)-compilation and link Process

We all know how a series of C ++ language programs, 1 and 0, are used by computers to change from. h and. cpp files to executable files containing 1 and 0? It can be considered that there are several phases of the source program-> preprocessing-> compilation and Optimization-> generating the target file-> link-> Executable File

Circular link list (1)-Introduction and application

In the following two articles, the basic situation of single-linked lists and doubly linked lists has been discussed. "Single linked list-basic introduction and Insertion node", click this link. "Doubly linked list (1)-Basic introduction and Insert Node", click this link. A circular linked list is a data structure in which all nodes are interconnected to form a

Chapter 1 TCP/IP details-Link Layer

One day in a certain month, I wrote half a blog article on the WLW without CTRL + S to study "TCP/IP details volume 1"-link layer, suddenly, my roommate made a trip to the electric cooker with a great deal of cooking power, and there was a power outage! So for a long time, this relentless power failure was wiped out .. All you can do is start from scratch! The hierarchical encapsulation of TCP/IP makes each

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