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Math Talk (algorithm class + Ancient Berland Circus solution)

This essay is the first of my blog math class, I think it is better to write some feelings. The mathematical class in this algorithm is generally to solve some of the tolerance, number theory, or combinatorial mathematics and other problems. But

"Analog" "math" CSU 1803 2016 (2016 Hunan province 12th session of university students computer Program design Competition)

Topic Links:http://acm.csu.edu.cn/OnlineJudge/problem.php?id=1803Main topic:Given N,m (n,mTopic Ideas:"Analog" "math"According to the remainder of the%2016 classification. Each additional 2016 is one more option. Statistics are several times 2016,

HDU 5276 YJC Tricks time Math

YJC Tricks TimeTime Limit:20 SecMemory limit:256 MBTopic Connectionhttp://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5276DescriptionYJC received a mysterious gift. It's a clock that grows like this.YJC is not a Time Lord so he can not make time, but this

[Water + math] Fzu OJ 2193 so hard and 2191 perfect numbers

2193 so hardTest instructionsSimplify decimals.Ideas:No more than 9 bits, then multiply 10^9 just fine.Then note that the accuracy is added.Code:#include "cstdlib" #include "Cstdio" #include "CString" #include "Cmath" #include "queue" #include

UVA 11029 | | Lightoj 1282 leading and Trailing math

Leading and TrailingYou are given-integers: n and K, your task is to find the most significant three digits, and least s Ignificant three digits of NK.InputInput starts with an integer T (≤1000), denoting the number of test cases.Each case starts

[HDOJ5935] Car (precision, math)

Title Link: http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5935Test instructions: An old driver is driving, and the speed of the car is not reduced during driving. The traffic policeman recorded the position of the old driver at nn a point in time, but

Codeforces 616E. Sum of Remainders Math

Topic linksGive two number n, M. to find the value of n%1+n%2+.......+n%m.First, n%i = N-n/i*i, then the original conversion is N*m-sigma (I:1 to M) (N/i*i).Then we can find 1/4 = 2/4 = 3/4 = 0, 4/4 = 5/4 = 6/4 = 7/4 = 1. So you can divide these

"Math" HDU 5753 permutation Bo

Topic Links:http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5753Main Topic :Two sequences H and c,h for the 1~n of the chaotic sequence. H[0]=h[n+1]=0,[a] Indicates that A is true and 1, False is 0.FunctionF(H)=(i=1~n) ∑CI[HI>HI−1 && hi> hi+1 now

HDU 5105 Math problem

Let's beg.F(X)=|A∗X3+b∗ x 2+c ∗x +d | (l≤ x≤ r max This topic discusses the values of A and B, and if a==0, then the equation becomes a unary two-time equation, which can be directly found in the function values of the endpoint and the

Hihocoder #1234: Fractal (Math simple problem)

Time limit: 1000ms single point time limit: 1000ms memory limit: 256MB descriptionThis is the logo of PKUACM 2016. More specifically, the logo is generated as follows:1. Put Four Points A0 (0,0), B0 (0,1), C0 (All), D0 (1,0) on a Cartesian

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