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Computer Power detection method

1 People for Wake Power detection In short, it is to connect the computer motherboard 20 pin plug, with a wire (such as a thin wire, the specific people to play the imagination) a green line, a black line (there are 8), if the power supply fan

Comparison between switching power supply and Linear Power Supply

The adjustment tube of the linear power supply is working in a magnified state, so the heat is generated and the efficiency is low (about 35%). A large heat sink is required, and a large power frequency transformer is also required, the transformer

Measurement of power consumption in enterprise data centers and measurement of power consumption in data centers

Measurement of power consumption in enterprise data centers and measurement of power consumption in data centers Currently, there are many ways to allocate, estimate, and measure energy consumption in the data center industry. In this article, we

10 points of attention in the development of switching power supply technology

In the 1960s S, the advent of the switching power supply gradually replaced the linear regulated power supply and SCR phase-controlled power supply. Over the past 40 years, the switch power supply technology has developed and changed rapidly, and

Be careful! Considerations for server power selection

The server power supply is frequently used by many friends at work. When the server power supply fails, it is very important to choose a new server power supply, because the server power supply is the "motive force" behind the stable operation of

How to see the Power Plate

Believe that a lot of computer enthusiasts for the knowledge of hardware, focus on the CPU, graphics, small to memory, hard drives and other factors affecting the performance of the host. They may be able to position a certain part of the

How do I remove the power supply fan? Computer power supply Fan Replacement tutorial

Power is like the heart of a computer, which plays a key role in stabilizing the power supply. As long as the power supply plug in, there will be work, even if not on, the internal standby power is still to work, so the computer power is also more

FAQs about PC power supply purchasing

As a computer's logistics support equipment, power sources have not been valued for a long time, but only need to be used. As the power consumption of the computer system continues to rise and the media and old gamers promote and promote power

A simple method to increase AC-DC power supply power loss and keep time

A simple method to increase AC-DC power supply power loss and keep timeAbstract: In some special applications, the conventional AC-DC switching power supply power loss holding time can not meet the requirements, and ultra-long power supply holding

Working Principle and circuit diagram of switching power supply

The working principle of the switch power supply in this paper is the analysis of the principle of the switch power supply engineers of Electronic enthusiasts. Based on the analysis of a wide range of switch power supply cases, this paper introduces

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