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The compilation method of FFmpeg under Windows is attached to the FFmpeg compiled SDK download released in 2012-9-19

After one night plus a morning struggle, finally successfully compiled the latest version of the FFmpeg, the following is my compilation of experience, because it is the latest, should be useful to everyone, compiled version of the ffmpeg is 0. 11. 2

Looking back at the job 2012 Outlook 2013

For a long time did not write articles, I believe many people have forgotten me! Recently, not very smooth, blog hang, network card, mobile phone bad, website revision ... The whole person is in a trance, but on the last day of 2012, as an SEO staff,

2012 three technical points not suitable for entry

http://blog.csdn.net/lanphaday/article/details/72175062012 three technical points not suitable for entry (UP)Rai Yonghao (http://laiyonghao.com)In fact, the idea of writing this blog has been in the years before, but has been hesitant to write, one

WPS Office 2012 Interface Style switch if you want to change

Kingsoft Office software has officially released the WPS Office 2012 Office software. Some users may not be able to adapt to the WPS 2012 version of the new interface, now let the small series to introduce how to change the interface style bar. WPS

WPS Office 2012 Full Raiders

WPS Office Office software has released 2012 official Personal Edition, ultra-small volume, deep compatibility, skills, templates, material 3 Resources Treasure House makes the document creation easier and more efficient, new interface and classic

When you migrate to Windows Server 2012 harvest?

Windows Server 2012 is the first major version of Microsoft's update, and it offers a range of enhancements to the IT staff that are trying to move some workloads out of the data center. Here we look at when the enterprise will gain benefits. Pain,

Full-featured enhancements teach you to "love the Same". WPS Office 2012

The domestic free office software WPS has released 2012 official Personal Edition, the new version not only has the brand-new WIN7 style operation interface, has listened the user's feedback in the function aspect, has done the deep more conforms to

Windows 2012 installs Oracle 11g error: [INS-13001] environment does not meet minimum requirements.

Problem:Setup error when installing Oracle 11g on Windows Server 2012: The [INS-13001] environment does not meet the minimum requirements.Analysis Reason:When Oracle released 11g, Winodws Server 2012 was not released. Therefore, the installation

TOP Best LINUX games released in 2016

Gaming on Linux used to be a very rare phrase. But since the arrival of Steam on Linux, the Linux gaming community are all charged up because of the games being natively Developed for Linux instead the being dependent on Third-party applications

Announcing release of ASP. NET and Web Tools 2013.1 for Visual Studio 2012

Rate thisPranav Rastogi10:01 AM 31 We have released ASP. NET. NET and Web Tools 2013.1 for Visual Studio. This release brings a ton of great improvements, and include some fantastic enhancements to ASP 5, Web API 2, SCAF Folding and

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